Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I've Been Blessed Twice!

First let me say, I have been blessed TWICE as I won 2 different giveaways!
Saturday I logged on to my Google reader clicked on Gina's "The Shabby Chic Cottage" and found the great news!  I had won  the book "The Artistic Mother" by Shona Cole.  Thank you, Gina!
 Shona  has a beautiful blog with some very thought provoking photographs.  In the book "The Artistic Mother" Shona has a 12 week course that helps you make the most of your time and space,  for your artistic passion.  So be watching for a more artistic me in the near future.

On Sunday Morning, this surprise was waiting.  The Second Giveaway I won was from Marie,
 Do you have subscriptions in your Google reader, that when you see the name in bold print you know, you are in for something good?  That's how it is with Marie's Lost Bird Studio blog.  You can always find inspiration there.  Thank you, Marie,  I will post the pictures as soon as the box arrives! 

Really, I must say I have been blessed in other ways as well. Since participating in Karen's Bloggerette Sorority and Where Bloggers Create hosted by Karen Valentine, I have made so many new blogging friends and Sisters!  Thank you, to both of you, not an easy undertaking to organize and host these events.  The Sorority  with over 200 members, is ongoing, so join us if you can. Due to all these new friends and Sisters I am thinking about a giveaway of my own.  I am thinking the number 75 may come into play.  I will see what kind of goodies I can come up with and make the announcement soon!

I have been ill this past week with Bronchitis and double ear infections.  I always think of the "I Love Lucy" episode where she says, "I've been sick" when I am feeling bad and it always brings a smile.  Pray for the antibiotics and steroids to help, so I can look for those goodies!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Bloggerette Sorority

Karen came up with the start of something new and wonderful,
she started the Bloggerette Sorority!
Anyone can join and it is never too late.  Visit her blog, for all the details.

Karen asked each of us to take the photo below, and make something with it.
 What you make is your choice, no rules.
Well a few rules you are to take a photo of your creation.

I decided I would make a journal.
   I find that I am always wanting to make a note of something
 I have seen on another blog.  This will be just the thing to keep those notes in.

This is the complete cover.  I have used upholstery fabric, interfacing, vintage lace,
 toile fabric appliques, T-Shirt transferred images,
an antique military button, crocheted closure
 and the little bird charm I put on most things I make.

Next, take a photo of yourself with your
completed creation!
I represent the Kentucky chapter of the Bloggerette Sorority!
  I hope you other Kentucky girls will join and maybe we can have
some fun together!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Day Of Summer Giveaway

In a previous post I told you how much I Love Crazy Quilts.  Well a favorite Crazy Quilt artist/blogger friend is having a giveaway.  Pat Winter is celebrating the first day of summer.  Pat is such a talented artist look through her blog for samples of her amazing work.  She also participated in the recent Where Bloggers Create party.  You will want to look at the bead storage her husband made.  I told her he should patent it and sell them.
This is a sample of what she is giving away.  Enough goodies to get you started on your own crazy quilt adventure.  After looking at some of the work spaces in the WBC party I feel my stash is in need of a boost.
This maybe just  the help I need.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all!  I hope you have had a great day.  I have had a busy day and was able to spend some time with my Father-In-Law. He had broken a key off in a lock .  I was able to get it open for him, so now safe cracker can be added to my list of talents!
My Father passed away in 1996, but I am still  able to remember his smile and tell him Happy Father's Day from my heart.  I miss you Dad.

I have been visiting a lot of workrooms, that are just unbelievably beautiful.  Please, if you are not aware of the "Where Bloggers Create" party going on, click the button on my side bar, or at the bottom of my last post.  You will be taken to Karen Valentine's blog where you will see a list of 450 bloggers with pictures of their workrooms to share.

Now for an exciting giveaway!!!!
Marie is having a giveaway.   I love to read her blog, she is so talented.  I am on my 25th post so 100 posts seems to be quite a milestone.  So stop by, congratulate her and tell her I sent you over.  Take sometime to read her blog you won't be disappointed.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome To My Workspace

Welcome to each and everyone.
  I am new to blogging, but not to creating.  I was raised with a Mother and both Grandmothers who sewed, painted, gardened, knitted, crocheted, embroidered....the list is long and varied.  So, I guess creating is in my blood.

I have a favorite quote:
"When I am no longer able to create something, I'll be done for."

Co Co Chanel
I have a 95 year old Grandmother (today is her birthday) and she is still creating. So, maybe this quote applies to her as well.
As I have said in previous posts, I create all over the house.  So, you will see a few different rooms on this tour.
First, is where I write my blog and do needlework such as knitting or embellishing crazy quilts.  Located in my sun room just off the kitchen, I can see most of what's happening throughout the house.
Now for my sewing room.
  My daughter recently graduated college and has moved to an apartment, so I took over her old room.  Previously, my sewing and other crafting was done in the basement.  I always felt out of the loop down there, so I am glad to be upstairs.    This is a small bedroom and I have lots in it.  There is still a twin bed in here, as no one should lose their room at home.
I have corner chair for my younger daughter to come and keep me updated on her day, or for a small repair that requires hand sewing.
My inspiration board with notes and ideas for future projects.
This is the closet where I keep yarn, fabric, doll clothes to be altered, lace,  ribbons
 and all sorts of fun things.
My recent yard sale find, a thimble holder, I painted and decorated.  My daughter's old printer tray that  no longer fits her decor, now is used for stamps, doll parts and thread.

Now for the room that is not as neat as it should be, but a lot of messy work goes on here.
  My laundry/ stained glass, painting, hot gluing, wire working, encaustic wax, china breaking room.  If it's messy I try to do it in this room.  On the other side of this room is my washer/dryer and a laundry sink.
Lots of stuff and I try to be semi-organized with it all.  There is some method to my madness.
Out of the chaos and into the light, this is in my kitchen.
  I do my paperwork, stamping and journal making here.  This is where I price and wrap things that are going out to new homes.
That's about it, not a fancy workroom where everything matches, but all functional spaces.
 A space where I can let my mind wander and create to my heart's content.  I hope you will leave a comment, so I'll know you have visited. 
Come back soon.
Thank you Karen for hosting this fun event!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Great Clean Up/Out

I am still on my crusade of cleaning, decluttering and basically kicking some stuff to the curb.  It feels so good to have some open space around.  One of the blogs I read, Ruth Rae, recently reorganized her studio with the help of a friend.  That sounds like a great idea every job goes easier with help.  When confronted with an item Ruth wasn't sure if she should keep or not,  would ask herself "Would I buy this again?".  If the answer to that question is,"No", then get rid of it.  This advice was new to me and has served me well.  I have asked myself that question numerous times these past few days, I have answered, "No" quite often.
There are many places that would love to receive your purged items.  Ask your local Senior Citizens daycare,  school art classes,  church bible schools and your friends, teach them a new skill and pass on the supplies to get them going.  I have challenged myself to taking a bag of items a day to the local thrift store.  Now, even if I bring an item home from the thrift store now and then, I am still way ahead on the junk out/new stuff in ratio.
 I also try to repurpose any items I can.  Stained t-shirts to rags,  table linens to dress my art dolls, old jewelry restyled to new eclectic mixed necklaces, old books into journals and scrapbooks.   The possibilities are endless and you have the best tool for repurposing in your hands right now.  Google search an item and you will find someone making something with it.
Now, there is another great reason to clear things out.  You will have room for the items you find that you just can't live without.  After all the "Longest Yard Sale" (US127) is coming up the first weekend in August and there is always an abundance of items to choose from.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boy To The World and a Yard Sale Find

Boy to the world, love boat, him the boy, him the love, whatever I call him, he has stolen my heart.  Isn't it funny how we come to love someone or something.  It is a magical thing that happens.  Now, when this little guy came into our lives, we had 2 other dogs.  Another dog was not on my list of things I was looking for.  But into our life he came, full force, he is not a timid dog.  We watched in amazement how he would plow across the sofa, as he sent pillows flying.  Our 2 other dogs would have never thought of getting on the sofa uninvited and certainly would not have moved a pillow.  He doesn't ask for much only a lap to sit in while I drink my coffee.  I used to try to blog with him in my lap.  Not a good idea, as he would hit some button and send the whole post to never-never land.   I thought you may enjoy meeting Rufus (my boy to the world).

Yard Sale Find

This is a thimble holder I found.  Brought it home, remembered to take pictures, and scrubbed it up. Sprayed a couple of coats of flat black spray paint. Found some images and cards to add to the top. 
The small card on top came from a box of Latin flash cards.  I had a box of German ones as well, but passed them on to a German friend to use with her grandchildren. Here is my completed project.

I have hung it in my workroom and filled it with thimbles, you will have to look for it in my pictures I will post for "Where Bloggers Create".  It is not too late to join us.  I love to look at other workrooms so I can get ideas on storage, organization and just to look at cute stuff.  Hope to see you there!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Was Awarded And Passing It On

I was awarded an award!!!!!

Carol over at "Answer is Chocolate" sent me an award this weekend!

The guidelines for accepting this award are as follows:

  • Thank the person/people who gave it to you.
     Thank you, Carol!  I was surprised and delighted.

  • Tell 7 things about yourself.

  1. I love to watch the British comedies on PBS.

  2. I eat breakfast as soon as I get up.

  3. I enjoy listening to my police scanner.

  4. In the 70's I had the CB Handle "Blue Eyes".

  5. My husband says, I never met a craft I didn't like.

  6. I prefer vintage over new.

  7. I love to take classes and learn new skills.

  • Pass the award on to 15 bloggers you have recently discovered and you think are fantastic.

I am passing this award on to the following bloggers.

Fun blogs and worth a visit.


Friday, June 11, 2010

The Find That Will Have Something To Say.

As mentioned before I am working on my workspace.  At a local antique mall I found this wooden piece.

It looks to me like it came off a headboard.  When I saw it,  I immediately knew what I would do with it. There are times I will see something and wonder if I should buy it or not.  If I am torn about whether to buy something I really like, I will ask myself,

  1. Can I buy this somewhere else?

  2. Have I seen one like it before?
If the answer is yes to # 1 or #2, I probably will not buy it.  If I have seen others or can go anywhere to buy one, I'll buy it when I need it, elsewhere.  But, if I have never seen it before and  I can't just go out and buy it.  I will ask myself,

   3.  Do I know what I am going to do with it? 

If,  I know exactly what I am going to do with's with me on the way home.

Now, once I get it home not everyone is so ecstatic about my new find.  There are those times I may wait until the coast is clear, before bringing my new found treasure into the house.  I have a friend that says she keeps a red pencil in her car so she can mark a fake "sale" price on her purchases.  I have made the comment to other friends about sneaking some new find into the house.  They all smile knowingly and agree they have done the same.  We can be masters at finding hiding places, until we are found out and have to come clean about our addictions finds.
Back to the wooden piece.   I have a favorite quote that I am going to paint on this piece and put it up in my new workspace.  I will post pictures of it when I put my other debut pictures up.
On a side note, The Longest Yard Sale (US 127) is coming up in August.   That leaves me about 2 months to clear out  and make some new hiding places. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Be A Part Of The Fun

Some Days Are Diamonds is starting a "Bloggerette Sorority".  Everyone is welcome, click the link ( you will find the button on my side bar) and go check it out.  Sounds like fun and helps everyone get to know one another. 
When you are new to blogging it takes a while to figure things out.  With the help of other bloggers I now know how to include a picture or add a link to something I find of interest.  Now I won't say I am fast at doing these things.   I may take an attempt or two to complete the task, but I usually get the job done. 
So go check out Karen's blog and think about joining us.

A Beautiful Give-Away

Rebecca is hosting a giveaway.  If you love pink, lavender scent and roses this giveaway is for you.
Wouldn't you love to be able to paint roses like Rebecca does.  She calls it her shabby-cottage-chic-give-way, I call it beautiful and hope I win. 

Did a little work on my journal covers today as I had a doctor visit.  Had my DD take a photo while we were waiting.
After the doctor we were able to meet my Mother and other DD for lunch.  Very rainy here today, but we need the rain so I won't complain.  

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some New Things I'm Working On

I have been so inspired by some of the blogs I read.  I have been busy making some new things.  Crazy Quilts have always tugged at my heart strings and I have collected fabric to use in them for years.  I mean COLLECTED as in bordering on hoarding.  But, when you grow up with your Mother and both Grandmothers sewing it's kind of impossible not to love fabric.  I have been moving my sewing room into my daughter's old room, she recently moved into an apartment.  Another blog inspired me to make a real workroom with my space.   My Desert Cottage is hosting a Where Bloggers Create Party.  I wanted to join in, so I had to spruce up and move my workroom upstairs.  My DH asked if I was going to take a picture of the basement (old workspace), I said, "No just the new improved space".   In the task of moving my fabric, I have come across the many beautiful pieces I have collected.  Is it only me, or does some fabric just make you smile?   I have been known to start a project and not see it through so,  I am starting on a few small projects, journal covers and needlecases.


I have pieced a few to take with me when I am waiting in a doctor's office or in the car on a trip.  If I have something to work on, the time goes by so much nicer.

I have almost completed this one,  just a few beads to be added.

A journal cover that is near completion.  I love a small project that you can pick up and work on when you get a few moments. 
If you need some inspiration of the Crazy Quilt  type check out-cathyscrazybydesignplays-with-needles, and Ruth Rae okay Ruth's not old school crazy quilting, but what she does is certainly an inspiration.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Pelican Caught In A Nightmare

I know that I have previously posted on this subject.  Sometimes, thoughts need to be repeated.
My daughter sent me this link and I am posting it for you.  Before you go to the link, be prepared it is not a pretty sight.

I attended an art show today.  One of the photography booths had a photo of a beautiful brown pelican.  Now usually I wouldn't call a pelican beautiful, but somehow their unusual looks makes them endearing.  The photo stirred my  memories of the beach and watching the pelicans dive into the water for their dinner.   As the photographer and I discussed the tragedy in the Gulf, others joined into the converstion.   Thoughts and prayers, from that small gathered group, were with you Gulf Coast residents and the rest of us.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Goodies In The Mail

Laura over at "Fun With This and That" hosted a giveaway back in May and  I won!  

Here is the box when I opened it. 

Not only had she sent the lovely pillow she had created, but she sent extras!

The pillow is wonderful

She even decorated the back!

Thank you, Laura for the goodies.  It is so much fun to recieve something that has been so loving made in the mail.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Seashells by the Seashore

In my last post you saw a wind chime I had made using seashells as one of the elements.  While I was working on that wind chime, I could not help but to be saddened.    Sad for all that is going on with our Gulf Coast.  Will there be seashells to collect on the beach?  Will there be a beach we can walk on, that's not contaminated with oil or with chemicals they have used to try to "clean" this mess up.  We hear so often about the amount of oil that is escaping from this ruptured well,  I wonder how they can tell or is it just a guessing game.  How much of what we are told is truthful?  How much is "tell them what they want to hear"?  The extent of this disaster is so far out of our grasp.  We cannot even begin to imagine what will become reality on the other side of  this.  I know they say every cloud has a silver lining.  Well,  if there is a silver lining I hope we see it soon.

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