Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Goats

Elaine's goat arrived on my doorstep.  Now I have kidded
(no pun intended) Elaine, I wasn't sure if this was a goat
or a rabbit.  But, she assures me he's a goat.
I am to put Elaine's goat onto a background and give him
a name.  Then, send him
on his way to the next embellisher on the list. My friend
DeeDee is that next embellisher.  She will be adding stitching,
buttons, felt shapes, what ever she wants to Elaine's
I have picked a different goat of my own, to send on his way.
He will go to DeeDee, where he will receive a
name and a background to live on.
Mr. No Name will eventually make his way home,
to live here with me.  I will look forward to seeing
what each embellisher adds to him.
If you would like to join us visit Elaine
for all the details and to sign up.

Love to all,

Friday, October 22, 2010

A New Project

Oh, the people you meet!

Sometimes, you meet people you form
an instant friendships with.
Lately this has been the case.
I have new found friends that I crazy quilt with,
I also have a group of friends that I
wool stitch with,
Kim is a "birds of a feather" friend,
we seem to like a lot of the same things.
My latest project is wool stitching,
Elaine  has a blog that features quilting and
stitching among other things.
Occasionally, you may even see a
 chicken, on her blog.
Elaine decided to do a tutorial on a
I have seen these penny rugs and I love the
primitive look of them.
The best part is they are made of wool and
wool is a pure pleasure to stitch through.

When you are starting a new project
 the first step is,
visualizing it in your mind.
If  you can see it,
 you can create it.
I looked around for a nice shape for
my background.  I found this silver tray
and decided to make a mat for it.

I then planned my design.  I did not want anything
strictly for Halloween, but fall related.
Leaves seemed to be a good choice.
I cut my patterns from freezer paper and ironed them
to the felt. ( This is an easy way to accurately cut a
pattern.)  The freezer paper adheres well and can easily
be pulled off once the pattern has been cut.
The leaves are cut out and I am playing around with
the placement in this photo.  I did not like how
I had the red between the 2 orange pieces.
I swapped the red and olive green pieces.

 I stitched them down using 6 strands of
DMC  embroidery floss and a buttonhole stitch.
Pretty cute and I can switch out the mat for all 4 seasons!
Please visit all my friends blogs, I have included the
link to each one.

Love to all,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Charming Swap

Sarah over at Gypsy Mermaid must have been a spy
or was involved in some type of espionage in a past
life.   She recently organized a swap, we were to
make a pillow, heart shaped and 6.5" x 5".
In addition to the heart pillow we were to make
15 charms that could be no larger that 1.5".
Here is the pillow I sent,
The charms I created.  I used crystal bevels and
vintage postage stamps.

Today the swap package arrived.  Now I had been anxiously
awaiting the arrival of this package. When I saw
the package hanging on my mailbox I ran down to
pick it up.  Inside I found a pretty little cloth bag
with all these charms inside.

The charms were from:
that's me!

Next was the  heart shaped pillow,
from our secret swap partner.
We were given clues to colors and things
they liked, to help us make a
pillow they  would like.

This is just perfect for me
and is already hanging in my
sunroom, right across from where
I am sitting.
And the best part, it is from Sarah!
The Queen of the Swap, herself!
See what I mean about being involved
in espionage.  She never gave me a
hint I was her partner.

Thank you Sarah for the lovely pillow
and for hosting this swap.

Hosting a swap is not an easy thing
to do.  It sounds easy and you think it will be.
There are so many variables involved.
It is hard to get yourself together some days,
try getting 14  together and sending all
the goodies on their way.

Thank you again Sarah,
I appreciate all you have done.

Love to all,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cuff Bracelets From The Dyed Fabrics

Last week I showed you the fabric and lace I  dyed using the
Flower Girl's dress along other fabrics. I was not sure what
the dye was called as it was in small bottles and unlabeled.
I had purchased it at the Paducah, Kentucky Quilt Show some
years ago.  Since then some of you, experienced dyers, have
suggested I use Procion dye in the future.  I am so thankful
to have a network of friends that will freely share advice.
This eliminates some of the trial and error we would
have gone through in the past.  A few clicks of the mouse
and most questions are answered.
Here are the cuff bracelets I created:

 This last one is a freeform crocheted cuff with
bead embellishments.

I have many more to create as I have a craft show
to prepare for in early November.  Yikes, that will
be here before I know it!

Love to all,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Same Song Second Verse

That was the way the Doctor put it.
You will have the same surgery, through the same incision, next week in 2 weeks.
Same song second verse.

The song started with a lump on my thyroid. When the lump was first discovered, I had a needle biopsy.  At that time, all was well and it was just something to be watched.  I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and my rheumatologist sees me every 3 months.  He had found the inital lump, so he would keep an eye on it and watch for any sign of change.
The lump has been there 5 years.
I began having ear problems this year, the treatment was one antibiotic after another.  No help. Then, I had an ear tube inserted and more antibiotics.  No help. 
On the advice of a friend I found a new ENT Doctor.  He looked at my ear and saw nothing unusual and began examining my neck.  He determined I needed a MRI done on my neck, since he felt a mass there.
The MRI revealed problems with my thyroid.  An Ultrasound was ordered for a closer look.
Yes, there was a tumor, cyst, lump whatever you want to call it.  The lump had to come out.
I was scheduled for an overnight hospital stay to have the lump removed.  The sugery went well and I slept most of the afternoon.  That evening I was doing so well, the Dr discharged me to come home.
I did not need any pain medication and I rested most of the weekend.  The next week I went in for suture
removal.  The murmurs began, that maybe all was not well with the lump they had removed .  Yes murmurs, but don't worry until we have a definative report on the biopsy.
Now the report is here and the murmurs have been put to music.
The second verse begins:
Same surgery, through the same incision, this time removing all the thyroid.
I have also heard murmurs again, this time of future treatments.
So, on goes the song,
I hum a few bars in my head and
 decide I don't like that song very much.
 Later I find I am humming again,
 like any other song that gets stuck in your mind.

I hope next week in 2 weeks when the second verse has played out,
I will have a new song to sing.
In the mean time,
 I hum and I pray.
I hum a little more
 and I wait.

Love to all,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dyeing To Show You

I found this Flower Girl's dress at
my favorite store.

I brought it home and began the deconstruction.
It was loaded with lace appliques and
other useful Crazy Quilt items.
After everything was removed from the basic
dress, I tore it into strips and pieces.
Then I mixed up some Potassium Permanganate.
This is a chemical when mixed with Hot water
will dye fabric (especially Rayon) a beautiful
golden color.
Be careful while using Potassium Permanganate
and read the label precautions.
Only a small amount is used in a cup of Hot water
to dye the lace and fabrics.

In the photo below is a lace applique that was
left in the solution a little longer that the  rest.
I then proceeded to mix some fabric dye and play
with a little color.
I put the bead in the dye path as well.

I love these colors.

Perfect for Halloween.

A touch of pink to remember, it is
Breast Cancer Awareness Month,
get a mammogram!

Love to all,

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Just a little update on Sophie.

We bought Sophie in early September
at that time she weighed 7 lbs.
(7 weeks old)

     Here we are 1 month later and
         she weighs 18+ lbs.

(11 weeks old)

Yes, that is my couch she is on.
Well actually a blanket on my couch.
Sophie and I have been attending
 obedience training,   She is young and
really we are taking the class so, we get
off on the right foot.  I hope she will
listen a little better than Rufus.
(2 years old)
But, when you are this cute....
do you really need to listen?

Love to all,

Monday, October 4, 2010

Leila’s Pendant

Leila has a blog,
Leila has a blog I follow.
Leila creates beautiful pendants.
Leila created one just for me.
Leila sent it to me as a surprise.
Leila wanted me to know she
would be thinking of me during
my recent surgery.
Leila knows I love her pendants.
(Could it have been the 100’s of
comments I have left about them?)
Leila is a sweet friend
I am so thankful to have.
Thank you Leila,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Time To Rethink

This past week I had to have some minor/could have been major surgery.  When you are facing an upcoming event like that, you think.  You think about the things that are important to you.  You also start looking at the way you spend your day.  I have come to the conclusion that I waste way too much time and I need to focus on the things that bring me and others joy.
Am I involved in projects that have lost their appeal?  I have said before I have the tendency to be impetuous. That can lead to being immersed in  a project before really being sure it is something I have the time and most of all the desire for.
 Am I reading blogs just because they are on my Google Reader list?  I have several good blogging friends, I read their blogs and comment on what they have had to say.  They in turn do the same when I write a post.  But, what about all the other blogs I skim through and never leave a comment.  Have I followed them simply because they once had a giveaway I wanted to win?  The last time I looked I was following 300+ blogs.  Why? I cannot possibly read that many blogs or develop friendships with that many bloggers.  I almost feel like a hoarder here, how many blogs can I add to the list?
  Is that all there is to this blogging, how many followers can I get?  I don't think so and I am rethinking all of this.
I want to write and read a blog with substance.  I want to leave a thoughtful comment, not a quick, "Love it!" and rush on so I can read the next 257 items in my reader. 
In the next few weeks, I will be rethinking and simplifying.  Not flying by on a wing and a prayer.
Love to all,
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