Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Cuff Bracelets

Remember the fiber festival I went to, back in the spring?
Well, I bought some silk pieces while I was there.
This piece was green on one side and blue on the other.
I ruched the silk and attached some vintage
crystal aurora borealis beads. 
The backing is a black velvet ribbon.  There are
a few matte blue glass beads scattered across
the surface.

The other cuff bracelet was created on a felted
wool base.  I will be applying a grosgrain 
ribbon to the back to cover my stitching.
I have crocheted several of the motifs.
The heart, on the lower right, is one I created. 
There are vintage buttons and more beads
some of those have an aurora borealis finish
which adds sparkle to the bracelet. 
Now, I must get to sewing on my Boho Bag.
I will post an update soon!

Love to all,

Monday, August 29, 2011

Boho Bags

Have you noticed all the bloggers that
are creating boho bags?
Pat Winters has some lovely ones,
Cathy created one as well,
so nice of her to point out her
errors, so we would not make
those same mistakes.
I kept looking at these bags,
thinking I could make one.
But, all those different fabrics,
where would I find them?
You know I have quite a fabric
stash of my own.  Could I find
just the right fabrics to use?
Then I happened to notice this:
A kit available in her etsy shop!
I have long adrmired her buttons,

she handpaints each one!
The boho bags were great
lots of fabrics and trims!
Here is the kit I purchased
When the kit arrived Gerry had included one of her
handpainted buttons!

Gerry also has a great tutorial on creating a
boho bag on her blog.
Ladies, start your sewing machines!
Let the fun begin.
Will post my completed bag soon!

Love to all,

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I recently came upon this blog post.
The post tells the story of the
Foundling Hospital opened in 1741.
Here is another link and where I found the
image above.
I was so touched by the post on
I sent the link to many of my
email friends.
If you get a moment read the post.
You all know I am a fabric lover,
but to think of a small swatch
of fabric, holding such a bond
to a child. 
What a story.

Love to all,

Monday, August 15, 2011

Stick A Pin In It

With the help of my daughter and DeeDee I have found
a very useful website.  Pinterest is a great way to keep
track of the things you find while blog hopping.  I used
to spend a lot of time trying to remember where I found
that cute....., you think I would remember where that....
was?  Now, I don't have to try to remember, I simply
stick a pin it and save it to one of my virtual pinboards.
I have just started adding items to mine and I love it
already!  There is a link on my side bar!
 Love to all,

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Block Complete, Ready To Swap

After receiving a few suggestions
on ways to improve my block.
I have made the following additions.
Gerry thought the butterfly looked
lonely, so I added a couple of friends
a dragonfly,
and a beetle.
 Gerry also thought the stitches below
the butterfly should be extended
up to the crocheted doily.  Thank
you Gerry, I learn so much from
both your blogs.

(We will pause now for
a brief message.)
 If you are new to Crazy Quilting
or just want to learn some
new things, check out
Gerry's "block talk".
She takes a crazy quilt
block and gives examples
of how the block could
be improved, as well
 as pointing out the positives.
In her examples she does
a little editing magic,
that actually shows what
the block would look
like, with the changes made.
This has allowed me to
"see" through her eyes and
actually understand  what
she is explaining! 
Back to the block,
The small yellow stitches
below the basque stitch were
bothering me. 
Donna took time from her
camping trip to help me come
up with a solution.  After
removing the stitches,
I decided it looked better
and left well enough alone.
(I know this fact will surprise
some of my friends, I am always
a more is better girl!)
 After stitching the additions
the block spent the night pinned
to my ironing board for blocking.

Here is the completed block!
It is now ready for the
Swap 3.

Thank you for all the suggestions and
comments.  Especially, Maureen she is an
 ever present encourager, a wealth
of knowledge and I am blessed
to have a friendship with her.

Love to all,

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Just A Stitchin'

My block for the Chains of Hearts
"Do Your Own Block 3" is
complete.....I think.
I have another week before the actual
swap, so I will leave the block out
where I can see it through out the day.

I have found that what looks good today,
may need more stitching tomorrow.

Hope you are having a beautiful morning!

Love to all,
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