Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Boho Bags

I have been bitten by the
Boho Bag Bug.

I went to the local thrift shops
 looking for a bag that I liked.
I had intentions of taking the
bag apart, using that for
a pattern.  None of the bags
I found,
were really what I wanted.
I dug through my stash of old
patterns.  Finding one for a purse
 I had made back in the 70's. 
I liked the shape,
but it needed to be bigger.
Using the pattern as a guideline, I
did a redesign drawing my
own pattern.
While I was at the thrift store I found this
lovely yellow 100% wool blanket.
$2.00...I could not pay for it, fast enough!
I brought it home and after several
washings in HOT water, it felted nicely.
I then tried out the pattern I had created. 
Next, I found this piece of vintage
needlework in my stash and made
a small lunch bag. 
 I then got busy on the Boho Bags.
 I love the feel of the cut velvet and the
upholstery weight chenille back.
 Remembering the detail of, you should
look good when leaving a room I added
a touch of stitching to the back pocket.
 This bag is slightly smaller and
has wonderful fabrics as well as a
removable flower tassel on the front.
 The next is my favorite.  I love the
subtle differences in the creamy
shades of fabric.  Those subtle
differences, also make it difficult
to photograph.
 Close-up of front details.
 Fringy back pocket too!
The purses are lined with pockets
a magnetic closure.
I have a craft show coming up in
 6 weeks.
  I will be in my sewing room,
 if you miss me!

Love to all,

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