Sunday, January 30, 2011

One World One Heart Event

With the name this event has,
how could I not participate!
Open to anyone that has a blog,
anywhere in the world.
Click the OWOH logo
above for more info.
Come join the fun and meet
some new friends.
Welcome to my blog, so nice
to have you visit.
I live in Kentucky, USA.
I like to do a variety of
Stained glass,
Art Dolls,
Altered bottles,
My newest passion is for
Crazy Quilting.
Dyeing and assembling
Cuff Bracelets.
I have 3 dogs.



I try to have a blog with
are always welcome!

I will be giving this heart

as a door prize for
this event!
Thank you for visiting, come back

If you would like to win the
One World One Heart
Door Prize
Don't forget to leave a comment
on this post
with a way for me to contact you
and so I can visit you too!

I will announce the winner
 here on Feb. 17th!
I will email the winner!

Love to all,

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hearts Everywhere!

 Peggy sent this lovely heart.  Peggy is from Kentucky
and lives about an hour away from me.  She does
beautiful artwork when you visit her blog notice
the header she did those drawings!

Francie sent this heart with a Bird Nest on it!
It is beautiful and again so different.
Francie makes the best soaps.  She sent me
some back in the fall and I still use it!
Francie has an etsy shop, but
when I went to visit her shop, the cupboards
were bare. 

A new friend Jan sent the next heart. Jan is a knitter,
among other things.  On her blog she says, she has had
27 foster children.  Talking about touching the lives
of others!  Jan, I look forward to getting to know
you better and I am delighted you took part in this swap.

Vicki's heart was in the next box I opened. You must
take a few minutes to look at Vicki's blog. She is
another fellow Kentuckian and makes the most
fascinating bird nests.  Some of the "limited edition"
 nests she creates, benefit charities!
  She only creates her nests
during her "nesting"  seasons,
 so get on a waiting list, soon!

My good friend Wendy's heart arrived as well.
Wendy is the queen  of ATC's 
(artist trading cards).  That is how we met!
She wanted to start an ATC trading blog and I
encouraged her a little. She does fantastic things
with digital images (way over my head).
Check out her blog and maybe get involved in
her ATC swaps.  Wendy did  some cross
stitching on her heart.

DeeDee's heart was opened next. DeeDee really
did not want to send this heart to the swap.  She made
it and fell in love with it!  I can see why.  From the 
pink fluffy bow to the black tassel on the bottom, this
heart is a beauty!  It is beaded and really
something!  DeeDee has an etsy shop 
check out her soldered charms!
DeeDee is another friend that I talk to most
every day and have really enjoyed getting to know.
She and I like a lot of the same crafts.
Occasionally, I will tell her to take a picture of
something she is making so I can copy it!

Sherry is another new friend I have made through
this swap.  Her heart is beautiful my DD was helping
me photograph the hearts, as I was unwrapping them.
She mentioned all the perfect hand stitches.
The tiny flowers are so nicely formed too!
Sherry got the word on the heart right too,
to look at this heart brings you joy.  Read
Sherry's blog she frequents the thrift stores,
you gotta love that, and does a great job
repurposing.  I love the bed pillow she made
new again!

I have posted all the hearts as they have come in.
If you have sent your heart and have not
seen it posted, send me an email.  If you
have not mailed yours yet, no worries.
You have another week to mail!

Update on Sophie....
She is resting comfortably after passing a rather
large piece of a Pooh Bear!  The Pooh Bear was
causing her intestinal issues. 
 At least we did not have
to have the colonoscopy $$$$ done!

The next day she chewed DD's UGG boots!
After getting mad at Sophie, DD said, "Well
at least she has good taste in shoes!"

May as well laugh, about the things
we cannot change.  And learn to
put our shoes in the top of the

Love to all,

Monday, January 24, 2011

Here A Heart, There A Heart!

The mail lady drove up in my driveway today
and beeped her horn.  I went out and she
was gathering up packages.  She asked if I had
been buying things on Ebay!  No, I explained
I am hosting a swap.  She looked at me kind
of strange......I told her in about 2 weeks I
will be sending out about 30 packages, but
not to worry I would take them to the post
office myself.  "Whatcha' swappin'?", she
asked........well, hearts of course!

Mary Ann  (MA) sent hers all the way
from Canada.
Mary Ann's blog is a Magpie too!
She is also a contributor on
the Simply CQ Blog with me.
I always call her Sister Magpie.
She was kind enough to pray for me
while I was going through my
Thyroid Cancer ordeal.
As a matter of fact she was
the first blog friend I talked to about it.
Thank you Sister Magpie, for being
a part of this swap and for being
a praying friend!
Look at all the different techniques
that MA has used and incorporated
into this work of art.
Look at the spider web and beaded
The next heart was from Kim.
Kim is a good friend as well and
a praying friend too!
She helped me through my isolation
period (radiation treatment) for
the thyroid cancer.  She sent me
text messages and checked on me.
We email most every day.
She is also on the Simply CQ
blog.  We have had fun learning
Crazy Quilting together!
Kim is also very active with
stamping and paper crafting.
She has an etsy shop.
You can find a Valentine's Day
card there, along with lots of cute things!
The next heart to be opened came from
Florida!  Oh, to be in a warm climate!`
Dianne sent this "Let Your Heart Sing"
heart so different and beautiful!
Full of bead work and stitching!
Dianne is concerned about the coastal environment
and writes poety.  She has an etsy shop look
at the altered journals she makes!
Peggy sent this heart
I love the cameo she has attached to her heart.
Peggy is a caregiver and shares some great
recipes on her blog.
Then I opened this last... but not least,
from Shirley C.  Shirley is a cancer
survivor and has a lovely blog.  She shares
recipes too!  This heart is
has something for everyone
buttons, lace, yo-yos
and vintage linens. 
The back has a bit of a surprise as well!

A lace motif that Shirley made!!!!
Don't you love it!
As MA would say, "enbiggen it"
and get a good look!

On a personal note, I am worried
about my 6 month old puppy!
All 60 pounds of her, Sophie has been
passing small amounts of blood
and we are trying to determine the
source.  She has been given an
antibiotic, today she had blood
in her stool.  I am keeping an
eye on her and that means standing
in the rain and cold, with a flashlight
at night.  She is so smart, yesterday
DD told us of a dog that would ring
a bell to go outside when it needed
to potty.  I hung a bell, rang it each
time we went out and today she
rang the bell to go out!  I wish I
was that smart.  She is just a big
sweetheart and I love her so!

Love to all,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Finding Your Purpose

I recently won Lynn's Giveaway!!!
This is the lovely necklace I
received!  The soldered charm
is beautiful!  I am sure I will
receive lots of compliments
on it.  This necklace has
 caused me to think,
about my purpose
and my dreams.
Before I get too deep I want
to show you the other things
Lynn sent along with the
You know I love birds and the little pocket with
the bird stamped on it is going into one of my journals.
Also, note the brass piece.
Here is an up-close photo.
As soon as I saw that piece I knew it had
a "purpose"!
This is just the beginning
 I will try to complete
the altered bottle soon!
Thank you Lynn! 
 I also need to thank her
sweet daughter
as it was she that drew my name
from the hat!
Good Job!

Now, back to the deep end of the pool.
Finding a purpose,
a dream.
Anne recently had a very
thought provoking post.
In that post she asked:
"What would you do....
if you knew you
couldn't fail?"
Great question Anne!
I have given this a lot of thought
and I really still have no answer.
When I asked my DD the question,
she said, "What is wrong with
failing?  At least you tried."
That is another perspective
to have on the question.

I wonder,
 have I really found
a purpose,
or a dream?
Have I really allowed
 myself to dream,
 to imagine what if?
I think each of us
wants a purpose.
To feel as though,
 what we are doing
is meaningful.
That when we are gone,
 there will be
some positive proof
of our existence.
What is your purpose?
If you feel as though
you have not
 found it.
What are you doing
to find it?

Love to all,

Friday, January 21, 2011

Incoming Hearts

More hearts arrived today!
Laura sent this heart
it is loaded with lace, images
and vintage buttons.
Laura does beautiful paintings
and drawings as well.

I opened Connie's next, a real
Crazy Quilted beauty!
Connie also is a contributing
Team Member
 of the Simply CQ Blog.

Jill's heart was in the next box.
I must say it is too cute!
Created using wool!
I love hooked rugs and penny rugs
 this heart brings those to mind.
Look at the back!

Michele's was also in the same mail bag!
Simply Elegant!  Look at the
pearls and lace.
Michele has an etsy shop
in her shop I found
 a cute button garland,
loads of ephemera,
sweet birds and nests for
them to live in!

The last box was from Riki
it is a 2 for 1 deal!
A heart embellished bag
with a pieced ribbon tie.
As I opened the bag this
was inside!
This is an embellished heart,
that is also a frame.
You could slip a picture
of your true love inside.
Riki is known for her jewelry.
In which she incorporates vintage pieces,
creating a heirloom, rich with history. 
Find her jewelry
in her etsy shop!
While you are there look
at the earrings called
"Fanciful Flight".
Oh, my!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing
these hearts as much as I have!
If you are involved in the swap one
of these beauties may be yours,
one day soon!
If you are not yet involved,
you still have time.
Here is the post link
with all the rules.

Love to all,

Another Swap To Join

Several of you, that are participating in
 my heart swap, asked if I know
 of any other swaps to join.
Donna is hosting a mug mat swap.
Not only is she hosting, she will
have a tutorial to make a mug mat.
I'm in and hope you will consider
joining as well.
Check out the new giveaways
listed on my sidebar.

Have a great weekend,
stay warm and try to do some

Love to all,

Just had this swap brought to my  attention:
It is a Valentine Swap
Any Media!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Have you ever considered going .com?
Kind of a big deal to say the least.
My friend Pam took the plunge!
She is now a .com,
to be exact.

So many beautiful items that Pam,
her mother Adria and
her sister Kathi have created.
Pam offers so many Crazy Quilt items,
and Adria makes the most interesting
Tussie Mussies. Sister Kathi
is the jewelry artist.
We all know a girl can
never have too much bling!

All of the items they have
for sale
they have created,
a real family affair!
In these days of
big box stores
and mass produced items,
there are still families that
want to create with love
and attention to detail.
They offer
items you will be
proud to own
and to give
as gifts.
I hope you will

Love to all,

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just A Stitchin'

With  the arrival of the first few
hearts, I decided I had better get to
stitchin'.  I pieced the block with
my usual flip and trim method.
 I then basted the block to a
square of cotton to allow the
block to be placed in an
embroidery hoop.

And then the stitchin' began...

Love to all,

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hearts Arriving

The mail lady was good to me today!
3 lovely hearts arrived in the mail.
If you love this heart and
do not receive it in the swap.
You will find other lovely hearts
like it in Donna's

Next up is the heart from Dorthe!
Dorthe lives in Denmark and
makes the most beautiful
mixed media creations.

Oh yes,  it is lovely!
 Dorthe has an etsy shop
too!  She also makes the
sweetest Fairies
and driftwood angels.

Jan's heart also
arrived!  I love the colors
and shape.

Yes, Jan has an
etsy shop too!
Check out the 2
mixed media pieces
she has listed there.
I really love them.

I have learned 2 things from the mail
First, I must get busy on the
heart I am stitching for the

Second, my etsy shop needs
to open.  I have it set up
with nothing in it!
Now that is just sad.

I am looking forward to more
hearts arriving in the mail.
As, I receive them I will
post them for you to see.
You may even dream
 about the one, you hope
 will come your

Love to all,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Creating a Heart From The Heart

I have received some questions on
how to get started creating
a heart for the swap.
Since this particular heart
is a Crazy Quilt heart
I have shared a tutorial
I created here.
You will be taken to the newly
created Simply CQ blog.
I hope you find the tutorial
helpful and will
visit us often.

We are up to 27 swappers
as of today!

Love to all,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Simply CQ

You may have guessed by now,
 I love Crazy Quilting
as do many of you. 
I love to look at the
 beautiful antique examples, 
while I marvel at the time
 and effort that went into
producing such masterpieces.
  In a time when
conveniences were few
or  nonexistent,
 those Victorian Ladies
 poured their hearts into
 a showpiece of needlework.
On those quilts,
 dates were recorded,
spiders filled the corners
and floral sprays filled spaces
 on a bed of velvet and silk.
True labors of love.
I am excited to announce
a new blog
where the world of
Crazy Quilting
 is celebrated and embraced.  
This is a blog that a few friends
 and I created
 to share our CQ love. 
 Together we have learned stitches
shared photos of our work. 
 Pam Kellogg
 Mary Ann Richardson
  our mentors and guides
have encouraged us.
If you have a love for Crazy Quilting
you may like to check out the Simply CQ blog.

Love to all,

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