Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pulling At My "Heart"strings or Threads

I guess it all started with this heart.
That heart lead me down the road,
to hosting my
"Heart from the Heart" Swap.
I am still traveling that road and
I have joined a group that makes
and swaps hearts.
Yahoo groups has a group
for heart lovers like me!
Here is an excerpt from their
home page:
Hearts can be pieced and embellished
 in what ever is your favourite
 type of needlework, crazy patch,
 embroidery, beadwork, appliqué,
 ribbon, cross stitch. The choice is endless.
There is a link on my sidebar,
check them out,
 you may want to
join too!

Love to all,

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hearts and Hands For Sendai

I have begun the work on my
quilt block for the project
There are guidelines for the
quilt blocks.  The most
important being, anyone
can submit a block.
Traditional Quilters (Aunt Sue)
and Crazy Quilters are welcome.
This link will take you to the
Crazy Quilters International
site, where all the details
can be found.

Let the fun now begin, on this
I will now gather the beads,
buttons, threads and ribbons
that will be stitched to the

Love to all,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thank You, Marianne!

Marianne had a giveaway!
I had a wonderful win!
So many wonderful things! 
Fabrics, beads and ribbon, I can use in my
Crazy Quilting! 
I have a few Distress Inks, but
none in these colors!
What wonderful Mixed Media ideas are
swirling in my mind looking at this
Tim Holtz smorgasbord!
Thank you again Marianne.  Check out her blog
she has a post today about why she blogs.
She mentions the fact not everyone
understands why we blog.
It is hard to understand when you are on
the outside looking in.  But, once you
have had blog friends pray for you or
a loved one.  Celebrate with you,
the birth of child. Email when they
have not head from you for a few
days.....then you get it.

Love to all,

Monday, March 14, 2011

What Can I Do To Help?

I think we have all asked that question
of ourselves at some point in time.
The news from Japan  is almost
like watching a science fiction movie.
But the sad truth is, there is no fiction
involved in these terrifying images.
In those news reports I have seen
 people calmly waiting in line for
food and water.
I have seen families working together
to restore their lives and homes.
I have seen no looting, 
or riots breaking out.
I am humbled by the sheer
tenacity of those faced with
such ovewhelming adversity.
In response to my initial question,
"What can I do?"
As a quilter and a stitcher
I have found a project that,
"I can do to help".
Here is an excerpt from the blog
This project will be dedicated to helping those affected by the earthquake tsunami disaster in Japan. Per Hideko Ishida's request, all quilts will become a part of an exhibit in Japan where money will be raised by viewing the quilts. Ultimately, these quilts may be auctioned and the proceeds given to a charity designated by Hideko Ishida, our Japanese CQ Sister! We will keep everyone informed as time progresses. This project is open to the quilting community at large! You may track details on the Crazy Quilting International blog, or the ICQA Facebook page .

Guidelines are as follows:

Theme: Friendship and re-building of a country

Finished block size: 8 inches

Colors: Jewel Tones

Style: traditional or crazy quilt blocks will be accepted

For traditional quilt blocks, there are no pattern restrictions. The only requirements are the size and the colors. Finished size is to be 8 inches (20.32 cm). Please allow a half inch seam allowance. Colors are jewel tones. No restrictions to the type of fabric used.
For more information please,
click on this link
for the full details.
Love to all,

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lots of Catching Up To Do

I love this quote, I read on
“Normal day, let me be
 aware of the treasure you are.
Let me learn from you,
love you, bless you
 before you depart.
Let me not pass you
 by in quest of some
 rare and perfect tomorrow.
Let me hold you
while I may,
 for it may not always be so.
One day I shall
 dig my nails into the earth,
 or bury my face in the pillow,
 or stretch myself taut,
or raise my hands to the sky
 and want, more than all the world,
 your return.”
~Mary Jean Iron 

As a matter of fact I loved that
quote so much I started following
Mo's Blog that day.

I mentioned the quote to a couple of
people and commented on how
we should be grateful for the
simplest of days.
Those days are our
greatest treasures.

During February quite a bit
went on in my life and on
my blog.
I hosted a heart swap.
I have posted most everyone's
heart except for
mine and 2 others.
Lynn sent this lovely heart,

I had to encourage Lynn to participate
in this swap.  Truth be told
Susan and I had to gang up
on her and send her fabric.
Lynn took our encouragement
(badgering) well and made this
wonderful heart.
Jillayne's heart is next,
Jillayne makes the lovliest things
 and her needlework is exquisite.
She truly creates from the heart.
I am always inspired when
I read her blog.
Don't you love the delicate
look of this heart and
all the stitching,
so understated
and beautiful.
Jillayne will be doing
 a tutorial
on a new flower
technique soon,
 so watch her blog.

This is the heart I
created for the swap.
I love the colors in it and had
the most fun stitching it.
I hope my swap partner
liked it as much as
I did hers.
Shirley C was my
swap partner.
How could I not choose
this heart, from the heart.
The yo-yo strip and
tatting were from both
her Grandmothers.
The scraf was her Mother's.
All these family treasures
she used to create this
I love it and hung it
in my sunroom.
The back of the heart is
beautiful too!
Shirley created this FSL
with her embroidery machine.
Still on the subject
of hearts, Connie sent me
this heart.
She sent it to me while my DH was
critically ill in the hospital.
He spent the better part of
the month of February
in ICU, on life support.
I kept the heart in my pocket
and thought of
my many blog friends
that were praying for us.
It was during this
frightening time
 that the quote I started
this post with,
rang so true to me.
DH is home and
regaining his strength.

Donna hosted a
Mug Mat Swap
during February.
If you read Donna's
blog you know she
is an A+ quilter, so
I knew I wanted to
be part of anything
she had going on.
Nancy was my partner
and this is the mug mat
she sent me.
Along with some
wonder why there are no
pictures of the chocolates?
Stressful times call
for chocolates!
Stressed spelled
backwards is
Notice the bird fabric she used!
Update on Sophie,
a picture speaks
a thousand words...
Needless to say,
 she is doing well.
Still eating everything in sight.
Tried to eat my stitching
last night.  We were watching
American Idol and a bad note
(or sharp, as Randy would say)
stirred Sophie up, she chomped
my stitching with 2 needles hanging
from it! I quickly grabbed it
back and all is well....for now!

Next my butterfly for the

The Holocaust Museum Houston
 is dedicated to
 educating people
 about the Holocaust,
 remembering the
 6 million Jews
 and other innocent victims
 and honoring
 the survivors' legacy.
 Using the lessons
 of the Holocaust
 and other genocides,
 we teach the dangers
 of hatred, prejudice and apathy. 

The butterflies are being created for an exhibit.
The Butterfly Project mandate
 is to remember the 1,500,000
 innocent children
 who perished
 as a result of the Holocaust
 by collecting 1.5 million
 handmade butterflies.

In Spring 2013,
 these butterflies
 will then become
 a break-taking
 exhibition to serve
 as a memory of this event.
And now for some 
welcome sights.
Spring is on it's way. 

Thank you dear friends,
for all the support and love
you have shown me this past month.
Your emails and cards have
meant so much to me
 and my family.

To repeat the thought that started
this post.
In my words,
Be thankful for an ordianary day
for there will be days you will
wish were ordinary.

Love to all,
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