Friday, April 29, 2011

A Special Gift

As most of you know I  am a dog lover.
I have 3 of my own and occasionally
there are dogs, that even though they live
elsewhere, I still consider mine.
My Fridays were always
brightened by the sight of
Fezzik's little face.
Donna always kept us updated
on Fezzik.  Wether he was
watching the neighbor's
goats or swimming in the pool, we
were there as Fez grew.
He not only grew in size, he
grew in our hearts.

We will miss you boy.

Love to all,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Should I Leave A Comment?

I remember back to when I discovered blogs.
I had a whole list of favorites bookmarked
on my computer.  I visited every once
and awhile just to see what was new.
There is nothing like getting inspired
by others and seeing what they have created.
I did not ever leave a comment,
why would they care what I had to say?
I think one of the first times I left
a comment on a blog was for a giveaway.
The more I read blogs, the more I wanted
 to write one too.
I was so ignorant on the whole process
but somehow I muddled through and
wrote my first post.
I waited to see if anyone would read
my post.
Would they leave a comment?
Would they follow me?
I remember announcing each
new follower and new comment
 to my family.

Someone would leave me a
comment and I would respond.
I would visit their blog and
leave comments for them.
Soon we were commenting
back and forth as well
as getting to know each other.
Having a  blog conversation,
so to speak.
I think the comments, the
interaction with others,
is one of the main reasons
I blog.

Do I comment everytime
someone posts?
No, sometimes I read what they
say and really have nothing to add
to the conversation.
If I read a post and really like
something they have said
or created, I do leave a
Recently I left a comment
on something I liked and
guess what?
They sent it to me!

Mary Ann was getting
rid of some great
I left her a comment,
she sent it to me!

Marie had made this
I left a comment on how much
I liked it.
She sent it to me!
Wrapped up in this cute
little bag.
When I look around
my house, I have reminders
 everywhere of my blogging friends.
(Hearts, Art Supplies,
Knitting Needles, Journals,
Fabrics, Ephemra....etc.)
Reminders of friends.
Friends that pray for you.
Friends you pray for.
Friends that share a common interest.
Friends that love their dogs.
Friends that share their knowledge.

Friends I would have never made,
if I had not left a comment on their blog.

Love to all,

Monday, April 25, 2011

For a Friend

Do you happen to see the tutorial
Pat Winter did on making
a dragonfly?
She used a new product by Kreinik
Since I live in a small town, I had
to make a trip to the big city
to find "Hot Wire", but I am
so glad that I did.
Here is the dragonfly
I created using Pat's
I did not glue the wire to the tulle
 as Pat suggested,
I stitched it down with a
matching Kreinik thread.
color that matched the "Hot Wire".
After stitching completely around the
wings, I added a fine line of
"Fray Check" .  After allowing
the "Fray Check" to thoroughly
dry, I CAREFULLY trimmed
the edges.  You don't want
to ruin all your hard work
up to this point.
I then attached the wings to
my intended project and added
beads for the head and body.

After, I attached the dragonfly to
my heart, I attached a backing
and lightly stuffed the heart.
(The heart is created
from a 100% wool sweater
that I felted, I love stitching
on a wool base.)
I also created this small
Prayer Book.
I am sending these off to a friend.

When I did my heart swap she
did not participate, but gave me
lots of encouragement.

As I was taking the above photos
Sophie followed me around.
Sophie is now 9 months old
and weighs about 90 lbs.
I do most of my photos in front
of this window because of the
great light that comes in.
Sophie was right up in the
middle of all the action.
Sophie approves of this post.

Love to all,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Elegant Nest Giveaway!

My friend Vicki creates these
beautiful, elegant nests.

She has written the cutest little
story about her nests going out
into the big world.

Some of her nests are created
with a special charity in mind.
She will have a new
limited edition nest this fall.
Watch for it.

Not only does Vicki make
these lovely nests, she travels
and takes fabulous photos of
her adventures.
She even knows of a beach
where there is enough
sea glass for all of us to

Visit her blog to check out
the lovely nests and all
those photos, that
will have you visiting
a travel agent.

Love to all,

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Look For My Nook

My DH decided he was not
using his Nook as much as
we thought he would, when I
gave it to him for Christmas.
He offered it to our daughter.
Of course she wanted it,
but the cover.....
 since it was bought for a man,
 not girly enough.
So, I added a stamped strip
of muslin and a dragonfly.
I am still making hearts and
this was a perfect 
place for one.

I added a vintage pearl button
 to the magnetic leather tab.

Now, that it is finished,
I think I may have to keep
it for my Nook!

Happy reading!

Love to all,

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hearts and Hands for Sendai Block Completed

My block is now ready to send
to Leslie.

I stitched the block with the tree
being the main focal point.
It is an old tree that has
withstood the test of time
and the elements.
The tree blooms again
with a renewed strength.

The vine and heart
represent the many people
around the world holding
the people of Japan
in their hearts.

It is not too late for you
to complete a block,
for one of the many quilts
being made to benefit the
people of Japan.

For more details visit

Love to all,

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pay It Forward

Come on and play a fun game with me
and 5 other people!
The game is called, "Pay It Forward".
Here are the rules of the game:
5 people leave me a comment
saying they would like to play.
I send 5 people a handmade gift.

If  you are one of those 5 people,
you  write a blog
post, asking 5  people to
leave you a comment
  saying they would like to play.
You send those 5 people
a handmade gift........
and on it goes.
You get the idea.

Now, if you would like to play,
leave me comment with a
way for me to contact you,
for your snail mail address.
I will create a gift just for you.
You will need to post the
"Pay It Forward"
button on your blog
and write a post similar
to this for your blog,
asking 5 people to play.

 "It is better to give, than to receive"
 is how it all started out
 on someone's blog.
 It may take a month
 for the entire scenario
 to transpire.
 Take your time making
 the gifts, that you send.
As I will take care with
the gift I send you.
 Sound like fun???!!!

Love to all,
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