Monday, May 30, 2011

Meeting Kim

(Kim on left)
My family traveled to Alabama
this Memorial Day weekend.
While I was there, I was able to
work out a way of meeting Kim.
I looked back through my comments
and found the first comment
Kim left for me.
"I just found your blog.
Your bottles are so neat,
so my style of things.
I love the battle of the snake story."
Kim was a great encourager to me, last fall,
with my Thyroid Cancer.
When I faced a week of isolation,
being separated from my family,
Kim sent me a package full of
goodies to take with me.
I opened the package,
while feeling sorry for myself.
Quickly those thoughts vanished
and the crafting, creating
mode kicked in.
Kim and I share many
interests,  we have been
involved in the creation of a
Just think, if Kim had not left that first
comment.   I would have never
known the joy of having
her for a friend.
It was great meeting you
in person and
I hope we will see each other
again very soon!
Love to all,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Return of Jenni

The adventure began last fall
with a goat to go traveling call.

To begin the trip
make a goat with no rip.

My goat left that day.
I sent it to play.

In Texas and Austrailia
I thought.

For such a very long time
I heard not a whine

My goat,
must be lost on a boat.

Dee Dee had stitched,
we wondered, had it been pitched?

Then working on a clue,
DeeDee planned a rescue!

She contacted the other planned stitchers.
 And said, if you ain't gonna stitch,

send the goat back to me.
I will finish up Jenni!

That is just what she did,
I guess the others just hid.

Now  Jenni is complete
with a crown and  pink teat.

She's the cover of a book.
Here take a look!

If you are wondering why,
this poem, I gave a try.

Inside was a gift
to give me a lift.

A poem written by Gayle,
to long tell the tale.
Of  a trip not to be,
as once thought by me.

And now Jenni is home
again never to roam,

Unless it's,
Dee Dee she wants to visit!

I am thankful for friend
who stuck with it, til the end.

Thank You Dee Dee!
Thank you Gayle for the poem!

Love to all,

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Get More Fiber!

The doctors say get more fiber.
I am not sure this is what they mean,
but it sounds good to me!
was held this weekend.
Colorful Bamboo Fiber,
Yummy Yarns,
Felted Fantasies,
Scrumptious Skeins,
And Loveable Lambs.

There were lots of vendors some were doing
This is Carol Cacchione, she was spinning a beautiful
alpaca yarn.  I hope she will soon be my
new friend...she was having a raffle for
the spinning wheel, along with lessons!
Oh, I hope I win!!!
Carol has a website (under construction)
and can be found at
Buzzard Hill Alpacas
Crestwood, Kentucky
She also sells Louet Spinning Wheels.

That is my sweet SIL on the left, Lynne.
Lynne raises sheep, Green Lambs is
her website.  Green is her last name, and
she is interested  in an organic,
  way of raising her lambs.
 was a natural choice of names!
Lynne has recently begun to dye,
spin and sell fleece from her sheep.

Which brings me to the next vendor.
Those are the 2 Nancys.
The Woolery has a brick and
mortar store in Frankfort, KY
and a fabulous webstore.
Lynne and I went to the storefront
last week.  The 2 Nancys greeted us
with a wealth of information and
lots of patience.  Lynne was able
find some natural dyes, that Nancy
explained in great detail.
The process sounded so fun and easy
I bought some myself!
Nancy then gave us a tour of all
the wonderful spinning wheels
she sells.

Yes, that is when the
"I want to SPIN!" bug bit me.
There is something so Zen like
and relaxing when you watch some
one spin yarn.
I noticed it at the fiber fair.
90 degree heat and women
spinning away with a tranquil
peaceful aura surrounding them.

I met another Kentucky vendor
Lindy Huber.  Lindy has a blog
and a .com.  It is always great to meet
another bloggerette! 
What a great name
  "Seldom Scene Farm".

This is another Kentucky vendor,
Mav'e makes lovely hand hooked rugs.
"I like knowing that the wool fabric
I've found at the local thrift store
will be repurposed into something

That is a kindred spirit,
 I found there!
A girl after my own heart.

I did not know that getting
more fiber could be so much fun!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lorraine's Crazy Quilted Postcard

When Lorraine did a post on this postcard;
I had to leave a comment.
My comment was,
"Now this is something I would love
to see in my mailbox!"
Lorraine replied to my comment,
"Send me your address and it is yours!"
Thank you Lorraine!  I will enjoy!
Lorraine also has an online soldering
workshop!  We all know how popular
soldered charms are and this is a great
place learn how to solder!

Love to all,

Monday, May 2, 2011

3 New Blocks Ready To Embellish

The first block is for a "Round Robin" I am
participating in with a Crazy Quilting Group
If you would like to participate in this
Round Robin, join "Stitchin Fingers",
you will want the Crazy Quilting Group.
We have just begun signing up, so you
will have a week or two to join us,
before the actual Round Robin begins.
The next 2 blocks are for a
Crazy Quilting Group called
It is a DYOB
(do your own block)
plus one to swap.

Here is the link:
for the DYOB + 1 to swap.
This DYOB  began today so you
still have time to join in!

Joining a group is a great way to make
friends with similar interests and
to learn from and with others.

Love to all,

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