Tuesday, March 27, 2012

For Judy

Judy recently asked me if the Redbud trees were blooming
in Kentucky.  Yes, Judy the Redbuds and most everything
else too! 
Redbud Tree
Pussy Willow Bush
(love it like this)
(not so much, when it
continues it's bloom)
Viburnum smells wonderful, the scent
brings back a sad memory.  They were
in full bloom the night my father passed
away.  When the funeral home came to
collect his body, they commented on
how the air was full of this scent.
Lilacs are ready to pop!  Another
wonderful fragrance.
Dogwoods: Pink
and White
Even those pesky Wild Violets
Crab Apple tree is full of blooms.

I do know 3  dogs that are loving
the warm weather.

and my girl Sophie.

Love to all,

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pebble Adventure Tutorial

My pebble adventure continues, with
a bit of a how-to.  The link to
the written instructions for the pebble
can be found here:

I began this pebble with fabric I had rusted
along with some found metal items.
I love how the metal bottle cap has
a heart shape eaten away in it.

The next step is to determine your pebble shape
and cut it out.  I have used plastic needlepoint
canvas, but the instructions call for cardboard.
Trace the pattern onto your fabric by tracing
around the pattern edges with a pencil.
Embellish  the traced shape.
Double check your embellishments, being sure
the pattern is filled.
To cover the plastic canvas pattern,
machine stitch  1/2" outside
the traced line. Use a basting
stitch, the longest stitch length.
Pull one of the threads and gather
the edges of the fabric.
Insert the pattern along with
some quilt batting to round out
the top.
The clothes pins will help hold things
together while you adjust the
gathering threads.
Tie the gathered edges to prevent the fabric
from slipping.
Repeat process for pebble back.
I used wool felt to pad the back.

Front and back ready to stitch together.
Using a matching thread carefully
stitch the top to the bottom.
Pebble complete!
Pebble completed size:
First and Second Pebble

On to Pebble #3!

Love to all,

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pinterest A Go-Go....

Going....... going..... gone. 
 I have deleted my Pinterest boards.
Here is a link, to yet another blog post
 that is addressing the
Pinterest issue.
The more I read, the more I am convinced,
 "pinning" is not fair to anyone,

We are blindly "pinning" photos
 without care or concern of
what will become of them. 
 A blogging friend and I joked
that maybe,
Pinterest wants to own
 all the images on the web!
When you pin a photo,
why is it you are not asked
 if you have permission
to post the photo,
 along with the question
 of which board
 you are pinning it to?
The idea of a virtual pin board
 is a good one.
  I loved having all those
 inspirational photos
  in one easy to find place.

Maybe one day
 all the kinks will be ironed out. 
The saved photo
will link back to it's original source
 without any middle "pinners"
to muddy the waters. 

 Maybe one day
 we will feel free to save
links to photos
 without worrying
 about copyright infringement.

Maybe one day
 is today
 and the place
 to keep all those photos is
our favorites file.

Love to all,

Update: Our local news did a report on Pinterest....they said the only photos you should be pinning are ones you have taken yourself.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My New Pinterest Board

I have created a new Pinterest Board!
It has one pin:

Title of new board:  WTF

I mean really, WTF is up with Pinterest? 
 I am reading about how we can
be sued for pinning a photo,
that someone else may see,
 like it,
 put it on the cover of a new book.....
Hey Wait! That is my photo and you
don't have the right to use it!.....
We found it on Pinterest
so-n-so pinned it.....
Well I am gonna sue, so-n-so!

Is that really what can happen? 
 I don't know, I am not a lawyer,
although I can be quick to judge at times.

I love Pinterest! 
 So nice to see things I like
 and click that "Pin It" button! 
 Assign the "pin"
to the appropriate board
 and save it for
when I want a little inspiration,
 or remember where to buy it.
I have enough craft ideas,
to last me a lifetime on my boards.
So many great ideas
and they are all there,
 in one place, so easy to find.

I can even find ideas,
 you think are great,
by following your boards.
Magazines have pin boards,
 publishers have pin boards.

Even some dogs  have their own boards.....
wonder if they will get drug into court one day???? 
 Your honor,
please ask the witness
 to quit wagging his tail.
The court stenographer,
 did not get that last bark....
was that a woof
or a ruff?

I am making light of the situation,
 but really.....
should we delete our

This is a pinfriendly blog,
if you want to "pin"
 something on here, go for it!
I really have way too many crafts to do,
to ever think about
 taking you to court. 

Now on the other hand,
I saw Sophie reading a law book last night....

Love to all,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chikan Embroidery Class

This project started out with a search through my stash.
Anita had suggested we use threads and fabrics we most
likely had at home.  With traditional Chikan Embroidery,
the fabric and threads used to stitch with, would be white.
As with most other needlework, traditional has taken on
a modern twist.  In a google search for Chikan Embroidery
I found beautiful hot pinks, bright blues and many other
colors being stitched with white threads. In my stash I found
a soft lavender linen piece.  I am not sure what the original
purpose was, if I were to guess a small hand towel.
In this type of embroidery your stitches show not only on the
surface, but also cast a shadow through the fabric.  This meant
the fabric must be fairly thin.  The pattern also had to be traced
onto the fabric, another reason to choose a fabric you could see through.
In preparation for tracing the design, I pressed the fabric and taped it
and the pattern to my backdoor window.
Using a pencil, I began transferring the design.  After I began tracing,
I wished I had taped everything a bit lower!  But, after resting my arms
a couple of times the pattern was traced.

Now came the fun part.  You know when the project is finally ready to
stitch.  Your mind is full of good intentions, no irregular stitches have
been sewn, the fabric is crisp and firmly held in your embroidery hoop!
Let the stitching begin!  The first stitch was a Double Back Stitch.
Anita carefully explained the stitch and  diagrams
were shown on her blog.
The stitch looks like a Back Stitch on the front surface,
but when viewed from the back the stitch looks a bit
like a Herringbone Stitch.
The stitch really has a nice rhythm to it, during the stitching.
The Double Back Stitch casts a shadow on the face of the fabric.
I have almost completed my Double Back Stitch and will be ready
to begin the Chain Stitch and Stem Stitch.
Anita has just announced that she will be allowing a few more students
to join our class.  Her mother has graciously decided to help her teach.
The class is free and very enjoyable. More information can be found here.

Love to all,

Friday, March 2, 2012

Okay, Drop And Give Me 15

15 Minutes that is!
I recently became friends
with Lynda (libbyquilter).
On her blog, she gives a
weekly report on all the
sewing she accomplishes
during 15 minute sessions.
She got the idea from Kate
who calls it the
15 Minute Challenge
appropriate title, don't you
You devote 15 minutes of
quality time to sewing, stitching,
quilting, anything you have
going in your sewing room.
You won't believe all they get

I remember a friend that would
spend 15 minutes, before she went
to bed each night cleaning up her
home.  Whenever I visited, every
thing always looked so nice.  She
told me that little 15 minute trick
and said that was what kept her
house looking nice with little effort.
She even had her 2 young sons
thinking this was a game!
I have tried it on occasion and really
you can do quite a bit in 15 minutes
15 minutes of uninterrupted stitching
time......give it a try!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Airport Crazy Quilt part 3

When I first saw this quilt
I remember thinking,
"That is the kind of
Crazy Quilt, I fell
in love with."
The simplicity
of simple seam treatments
and well placed motifs.

The above is my favorite!

That's all folks!

Love to all,

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