Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Of The Airport Quilt

A few more crazy quilt photos.
Loading these photos is going
so slow.  1 hour for these 5!
Tomorrow will be last of the photos
and in my opinion the
best examples.

(At first glance I thought this was
a coffin, but I believe it is a bassinet.)

Notice the hot pink and green combination
and we think this is a new color combo.

I hope you enjoy seeing them
and maybe, learned something new.
One thing I have learned is:
As seen in the photo above
this stitching is not perfect.
It is even what I would consider
messy in some places. 
We often will give up on a project
because of stitching like this.
"It is not perfect, I will work
on something else."
Even though the stitching is not
perfect, when viewed as a whole,
this quilt is stunning! 
 It is out
for public display,
 so attractive
I took photos of it.
Enjoy your stitching,
express yourself
worrying about perfection.
It is in those simple stitches
that you
 may someday be
an  inspiration to others.
See you tomorrow with
the last of these photos.

Love to all,

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You Never Know Where You Might Find A Crazy Quilt

The last time I picked my daughter
up from the airport, I was
surprised by what I saw.
This time I brought
a camera in hopes of seeing it
It was late in the evening
and no one was around,
so I took lots of photos.
Oh to be 12 feet tall,
instead of 5'2"......
I could have gotten closeups of
all of it. 
 Next time, maybe
I can sneak in a ladder.
Wonder what the TSA
regulations are, on that???
At the end of a long hallway
 was this....

The following photos are closeups,
I thought the details were fascinating.

I have many more photos to add.
But, blogger thinks this is
enough for today.
I hope you find these photos
interesting and maybe
find a seam treatment you
would like to try.
Love to all,

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pendants Made Using The Rusted Muslin

Have you seen these pendants
 my friend Manya creates?

You may have seen Manya's needlework
 featured on Craft Gossip,
more than once!
 In this feature the pendants
 were titled
Well, that is what they are to me
I am friends with Manya
 and she kindly answered a few questions
 I had on, creating the pendant. 
 (I have been begging her to do a class
 on these pendants.)

With the answers to my questions,
 I gave pendant making a try.
Using the fabric I had rusted,
 here are my pendants:
This was the first one.

and the second pendant is to go with an outfit
 I will be wearing tonight.
  I used the same stitches,
I used when creating the pebble,
 for the

I am still be bugging Manya to
 PLEASE, do a class on creating these pendants!!!
 (I hope she is reading this).

Several of you emailed or commented on the
rusting of the muslin fabric.  It got me thinking
of the things we do to fabric intentionally. 
Things we would have never done before. 
 Things like purposely shrinking wool garments-
 we call it felting.
 Adding rust stains to fabric-
I have a rust stain remover in my laundry room. 
 We create dyed fabrics
with a mottled color or drips and dots.
We use sand paper to distress fabrics
 and what about those unfinished edges
 that we leave on fabric, to fray
all in the name of art! 

 When my mother saw the post
 on me rusting the fabric,
 she wrote me an email and said,
"What a mess."
.....I replied,
"That is not a mess.
  That is art in the making!"

Love to all,

Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Rusted And Ready To Be Encrusted

Muslin after sitting with the
rusted steel wool pad overnight.
The fabric has been thoroughly
washed and dried with a hot iron.

 The threads DMC Perle
on left and Candlewicking on right took
up some of the color, but not as much as
I would have liked.

Now on with the encrusting!

Love to all,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Working On A Secret Project

I have a blogging friend that asked,
if I would help out with a project.
A project that would benefit

A huge charitable project that
will be revealed in late spring.
Of course I said, Yes!

The blogging friend sent me a
thank you gift for helping out.
When you see the gift you will
know who the blogging friend is,
so lets make it fun and 
I will give you a couple of clues.

Here is the box and tag.
Here is the box and tag and a thank you note.
Do you see a common factor in both photos?
Here is the tissue paper wrapping the gift.
Again the common factor.
Hand stamped and hand colored,
how is that for having
an eye for details.

Now for the gift....

I cried, when I opened the tissue.
Yes, it is from Vicki over at 2 Bags Full!
In her Sacred Yarn Room,
 she created this nest.
My first thought
 was of taking a photo.
I took it outside and put it in a tree.
I added it to some nests from my collection.

Took a photo of it sitting on an old iron fence,
out in the yard where the daffodills are coming up.
Even Sophie knew this was a special nest
and stayed right on her pillow, as I took
the photos.  What a Good Girl!
Of all the places I took the nest,
It seemed to like this spot the best!

Thank you, Vicki,
for the thank you!
You really shouldn't have
but, I am so very glad you did!

Stay tuned to Vicki's blog in
late spring to see what we
have been up to!

Love to all,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting Old and Rusty, Pebble 2

I have a collection of
old metal pieces.
Drawer pulls,
furniture knobs,
door hinges
and things like that.
I also have a jar
with rusty steel wool
 pads in it.

You know,
a girl can never have,
too much rust!
I have old washers,
bits of chain,
a few bottle caps
all quietly gathering rust. 
 For Pebble #2
I will use this rust,
to the best of my ablity.
I have my piece of muslin
steeping in a champagne
glass of rust,
along with a few other
Pebble Adventure #2
begins tomorrow!

Love to all,

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pebble Adventure One And Not Done

I finished my first pebble!

 Marjolein and I are making pebbles
 and so are quite a few others
The pebbles do not take long to make.
  I started working on mine 3 days ago.

Quick, easy and a real learning experience!
Think about joining us!

Love to all,

Friday, February 17, 2012

It Seemed Like Old Times

Do you remember the post I did
a few weeks ago about
the friend I thought I had lost?
Well, tonight we had dinner

Mr. Magpie and my youngest chick
went along with me to the
nursing home for dinner.
It was family night!  Most
of the residents had family
members join them
for a Jambalaya Dinner.
Lots of Mardi Gras
decorations  and
good food.

After dinner we went
back to her room for
a little quiet visit.
She taught me to knit
some 40 years ago.
Wanting to give her
something to occupy her mind,
I brought her some
Sugar and Cream Yarn
to knit some of those
great dish cloths!
The needles I brought
her were some she
had shared with me
all those many years
ago, when she taught me
the art of knitting.

I had found some
very nice pillow slips
and we brought those
to her as well.
Jaybird, (my youngest)
put the pillow slips on
the pillows, while
I cast on the first
stitches for her.

We talked, giggled
and she shared
some stories of
growing up in England.
Mr. Magpie
left the room at one
point, too much giggling
I guess.
My friend looked at me
and asked, if he was good
to me.  I shook my
head and answered,
"Better than I deserve."
She looked at me
and said,
"Yes, that is probably so"!!!!!

Only a true friend,
will tell it like it is!

Monday evening
we will be sharing
some girl time,
together again.
I have a list
from her of things
I am to bring.

A happy heart
is at the top of that list!

Love to all,

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pebble Adventure Continues

When Marjolein and I started this adventure,
I thought it would be a fun little stitch along.
I am quickly coming to the conclusion
we have just scratched the surface
on this adventure.

Lorraine sent me an email,
telling me, I may be interested
in seeing this.
I would post the photo, but I am
unsure of how to do that.
After I picked my chin up off the floor
I wrote Lorraine back, before I
had even read the text.
After seeing the photo and reading
about yet another project
Jennifer had designed.
I  was curious to know more
Jennifer Rochester
the stitcher.

Through a Google Search
I found:
Are there words to describe,
such things as this?

Then there was this:
Making your Mark
Jennifer Rochester
Use stitches in a creative way

Quoting here from:


I have been studying white work sleeves from pieces in my family and historical collections - in particular, a pair of 18th Century removable half-sleeves and a pair in cotton Broderie Anglaise from the Victorian era.
The former pair has evolved into a hand-stitched paper and cloth vessel.
The latter has become a panel with links to my lazy Summer childhood days of lying in the long grass with my sister, making daisy chains and playing the petal-plucking game... "He loves me, he loves me not".

I found a link to a book she
has written:

I so love finding new exciting things to stitch! 

Here is my progress on the Pebble Adventure:
I have begun the process of adding texture.
If you are interested in joining in
Here is the link to the Stitchin Fingers Discussion.
Here is the link to the Embroiders Guild with project instructions.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pebble Adventure

Have you ever seen a photo,
that takes your breath away?
That is how I felt, when
I first saw this photo.
I quickly saved it
to my favorites,
vowing someday to
stitch my own pebble.
The photo and project
can be found here:
The  project is stitched
by Jennifer Rochester
with  the
photos by Ian Cole.
My friend Marjolein
and I are about
to explore this
We are calling it the
"Pebble Adventure".
You will find the
complete instructions
and needed supplies
on the
Marjolein and I would
like to invite you to
join us on this
adventure into the
world of textures.
Post your photos
on your blog,
on Flickr.

Now we need a theme song...
We're off to see the texture,
the wonderful texture
of stitch....

well, that may need some work.

I hope you will join us!
Love to all,

Sunday, February 12, 2012


When needlework is done
in one color, such as
You quickly find
 is the element
that adds

My friend Marjolein
and I will be
exploring the
element of texture.

Wednesday, Feb. 15th
we will share
with you a
fun project.
I hope you will
 stitch along with us.

Love to all,

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Fine Example

My last post was on sharing.
Today I would like to
introduce you to Anita.
Anita is a fine example
of one that shares her
knowledge with others.
Anita will be giving lessons on
Anita says,
"This embroidery is a combination of techniques
 –shadow work,pulled thread and surface embroidery"
The cost of these lessons....FREE!
How is that for sharing!
A fine example indeed!
You will need to visit Anita's
blog and send her
an email telling her you
would like to join in the fun!

Love to all,

Thursday, February 9, 2012


In my opinion, sharing our knowledge
with each other is just.
 one of those things,
 we should do.
When we share, it is our way of wanting
something better
 for those around us.
Something as simple as a recipe,
may help a new cook create a better dinner.
Share an extra coat and you help keep
someone warm.
This past weekend I had the opportunity
to see Leigh Ann Tuohy speak.  She is
the Mom, in the book/movie,
 "The Blind Side".
Her message was a bit like her,
Loud and Clear, help those that
society deems worthless and
see what happens.
She went a bit beyond giving
someone an extra coat or
sharing a recipe.  She shared
her home, her wealth and
her heart. 
Her message brought me to
 tears several times
 and  caused a
little soul searching. 
that is good for all of us.

When my girls where in grade
school, I spent a great deal of
time volunteering in their schools.
I have sat on the floor in a
quiet hallway reading with a child.
A child that would scoot as close to
my side as they could while we read,
"Me Too! Said, The Chick"
(The Chick and the Duckling).
 A child that had no one at home
 to read with them. 
 A child that probably bore the
responsibility of trying to translate
for his parents.
I have also sat side by side in a classroom
with a young man that had "fallen
through the cracks".  A young man
that needed to be moved on
 to middle school in one way or another.
 I will call him " B".
As B and I worked together, he would
occasionally want to try me.  He would
refuse to do his work and tell me to do it!
One day during a math test,
 a request came for B to come to the front office. 
 I quietly questioned the teacher,
 what the office wanted
 and could it not wait until after his test.
She was not sure,
so I went to the office.
 I was told,
 there was a truck that needed unloading
 and they needed B's help.
I blew up and informed them
 he was taking a test
would not be coming to unload the truck.
After, that incident,
 B tried his best to do his own work. 
He moved on to middle school and
graduated high school, a few years ago.
I would see him occasionally,
 after our 5th grade year,
at football games, at the mall
 wherever it was,
 he always had a huge smile
 and a
big bear hug for me.

Yes, Leigh Anne was right, give and you will
be blessed beyond measure.
 "To those whom much is given, much is

PS.  The young man that I read,
"Me Too! Said The Chick" with,
in the ROTC program at school.

I must conclude this post saying,
 I was not alone
in encouraging these young men.
  As there were many good teachers
with daily guidance and love,
 helped them along the way. 
There are positive role models
 that are  involved in their lives,
 wanting the best for them.

 Love to all,

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