Sunday, April 29, 2012

Paducah Quilt Show and Just Jennifer

This weekend I had the pleasure
of traveling
with my friend Margaret,
in Paducah KY.
I have no photos from the actual show
because there
were signs everywhere
warning…… “No Photos”.
I needed my hands free
to buy fabric,
look at buttons,
buy fabric, look at books,
buy fabric……
It was really hard to believe
how much fabric was
there to buy.
  Vendors with bolts,
upon bolts of fabric.
Warehouses full of fabric
and of course,
 Hancock’s of Paducah.
If there is a fabric made
I think they have it.
We arrived Friday
and decided to visit the vendors
in downtown Paducah first.
The first shop we entered
had the most fascinating booth.
There were beautiful heart pins
created from zippers,
wool pincushions and phone cases,
but the item that had
my attention was
a beautiful jacket created from soft
pink and beige fabrics.
  The artist ( Jennifer) came
over to see if she could
show us anything.
My friend Margaret,
wanted me to try on the jacket
and kept insisting I put it on.
  I knew it was
out of my price range.
I had only just arrived
for a weekend of shopping,
did I want to spend it all,
in the first shop?
“That jacket looks just like you,
you have to try it on”,
Margaret was saying.
So, of course
I slipped it on
and all those other descriptions
of heaven came to mind.
But, the price!
  I am tight practical,
with my money
so, I reluctantly took it off.
I thanked Jennifer
for allowing me to try it on
and we left.
We visited more booths
filled with beautiful things,
but the jacket kept
creeping into my mind.
We shopped
until the stores closed
and  returned to our hotel.
The hotel had a special room set up for
us “quilters”, serving desserts and wine.
We had a nice evening
chatting and laughing
with birds of a feather,
the other quilters.
Margaret and I settled in,
with the idea of getting up
early to see everything
the quilt show had to offer.
Out went the lights,
but I could not go to sleep.
  I was thinking about that jacket!
  I got out my Nook
intending to read
myself to sleep.
Around 3:30 a.m.
I did an internet search
for Jennifer.
I found her site
and noticed she had a PATTERN
for her lovely jacket!
I would not have to wonder,
if I could live without it……
I could make my own!!!!
I went to sleep
with a new found peace
and with the thought
of being there when Jennifer arrived
the next morning. 
Jennifer not only had the pattern
she took the time to
talk me through the steps
that go into creating
Just Jennifer
She offered advice
on fabric selection
with unhurried detail.
I brought the pattern
to the cash register to pay.
“I am gifting you the pattern.” Jennifer said,
“ you are my first customer
of the day. You”re so excited about
making it, the pattern is my gift to you.”
I, of course, hugged her
and thanked her for
not only the pattern,
but for being so generous
with her knowledge.
  It is not often we meet
vendors that will take the time
to really help us.
How many will take the time
to offer helpful tips,
almost a mini class
in the pattern construction.
I am giving a shout out,
to thank Jennifer
for her gift of love,
in a way heART.
I hope you will visit her site
and see what she has to offer.
Thank you again, Jennifer.

I will document the
construction of my  jacket
in the coming days. 

Love to all,

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some Gifts Are From The heART

I have a thing about hearts.

I am always looking for heart shaped stones.

I have a collection of hearts

hanging in my sunroom.


It is easy to see, when something

has been created,

from the heart.

To me “from the heart” means,

the maker took their time

and there is the

all telling

attention to detail.

You can look at an item

and see if it was thrown

together at the last minute,

or if it was loving put


I call it “heART”.


A piece of heART

arrived at my home.

Wrapped in pattern tissue paper

and tied with pink seam binding.


With a note from the maker.



The dearest hand created book

I have ever seen.


Filled with beautiful pages.

The above items Jillayne

brought home from her trip to France.

  She wrote some

outstanding posts about her trip.

  The posts were thought

provoking and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.


The binding is just as interesting

as the pages in the book.


I once included a quote from Coco Chanel on my blog:

“When I am no longer able to create something,

I’ll be done for.”

Jillayne remembered the quote and used Coco Chanel for her inspiration.  Notice the pearl buttons, crystals, vintage sewing notions used here in the binding.

Jillayne created herself a book just like mine you can see hers here

We are thinking of doing a tandem post in

the future on our books.

I wonder what fantastic

items I can capture within the pages.



I love the tiny key she included… came from France

too!!!  Isn’t that the cutest key ever.  (I know a little

nutsy about the key, but I love it!)  I may now have to

start collecting keys!


Thank you Jillayne for the heART.

Once Jillayne has

received her box from me,

I will show you what I created for her

……yes it is heART too!


Love to all,


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crocheted Boho Wrap Bracelet / NecklaceTutorial

Do a search for
"crocheted wrap bracelets,"
 you may be surprised
by how many show up.
They are comfortable to wear
and the perfect addition
to your summer wardrobe.

Boho Wrap Bracelet/Necklace

You will need crochet cotton,
a small crochet hook
and lots of beads.
The crochet hook I used was
one my grandmother used.
I can remember her making
necklaces similar to this
back in the early 1970's.

A size 7 hook creates a nice
small chain stitch.
Load your beads onto the thread
before you begin to create your
crocheted chain. 
 You will include a bead
in your stitches either on a
random basis or after
a set number of stitches.
In researching the bracelets,
I saw some that used only
1 style of bead, others
used random beads,
 those were the bracelets
I preferred.

Begin your stitches
with 10 chain stitches,
before you add the first
bead. (Those beginning
 10 stitches will be used
 to form a knot
 with the ending stitches.)
 Continue forming
 chain stitches
and adding beads
 until you have
completed a length of
 approximately 34".
This length will allow you to
wear it as a necklace or bracelet.
To finish off the necklace,
chain stitch 10 stitches
without adding a bead.
Clip the thread and pull
through the last stitch. 
Tie the two crocheted
 ends together
(beginning and end of
 the 34" chain) 
forming a square knot.
The beads in this necklace
 are randomly spaced.
Wrap your wrist
or wear as a necklace.
The bracelet is the only view I will
be showing.  Don't think for
a moment, I will be showing
a close-up of my neck!!!

As I mentioned, these
are quick and easy to
make.  Here are
some I have completed
this weekend.

This one was created
using all white beads
and white thread.
It would be perfect
for a beach bride!

Love to all,

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Calling All Angels

Please take a moment to read and vote for my friend.
I have a friend with a son 13 years old that is unable to walk, talk or care for himself due to a genetic condition.  This is National Mobility Awareness Month and the sponsors are giving away a van fully, equipped to help transport those that are in need.  The top three vote receivers will win a van.
For Glenn to win, I am asking you to vote.
 Here is the link:
click the button Enter to Win Now,
On the next page enter the name: Hall 
The state is Kentucky
You can see a brief video of Glenn and his courageous mother Margaret.  Margaret never complains and has a great attitude, but as Glenn continues to grow how long can she carry him as she does now. On the voting page there are a few questions to answer to limit your votes to once a day.
Please, take just a moment to vote for them, I would appreciate it. Occasionally they will give out a code to receive extra votes. The code for today is 968
Love to all,
If you would, please pass this on to your friends.  I would do the same for you.
Glenn will be 14 this weekend.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Then There Were Three

Three pebbles complete! 

This last pebble is on it's way
to Jillayne! We have a little
trade going on.  I love the books she
has been recently making and she liked
my pebbles, so......we will each
have a bit of the other's heart
I have included a few little extras
that I would like to be a surprise
for Jillayne, so I will post those soon.

Love to all,

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Creative Fabric Techniques" Book Review

I recently won an ebook Kerry was
giving away. 
Kerry is a crazy quilter and has a feature
on her blog called " Build A Seam".  She
takes a stitch, adds embellishments and creates
a seam treatment.  I have learned quite a
bit from this, as I will often struggle with I
have a stitch...."Now, What?".

  I know you should not judge a book by it's cover,
but with all this stitching it is hard to ignore.
As the title states this is a book for quilters,
embroiderers and textile artists.  Really it
is a book for anyone that uses fabric in their
The book comes as a CD ebook and is filled
with inspiration and encouragement.  Annette
takes repurposing/reusing to a new level, as
she creates her fabrics.
In the chapter "Found Fabrics", I found
great inspiration where Annette  used
button bands and plackets to create fabric.
I will often use buttons as embellishments,
but I never thought of using the entire button
"Trash Quilts" will have you looking at
those ragged quilts destined for the trash in
a new way.  As a matter of fact, there may be
quite a few items you will not be throwing
away once you see how Annette incorporates
them into her fabrics.
Have you ever burned fabrics?  Annette does
and she will show you how to use your soldering
iron and heat gun to create burned out areas
of interest in the fabric that could not
 be done with a needle and thread.
I love the tip she has for a soldering iron holder!
We all have fabrics that make us wonder, why we
ever bought them.  Annette will show you layering
techniques that use those fabrics along with any scraps
you may have.
As I mentioned before this is an ebook on CD.  I have
always enjoyed having a book in print.  I like to hold a
book in my hands while I dream of the projects on the pages.
As this is a CD, the ebook comes as a PDF document.  This
format enables you to print out any of the pages as often as
you want.  Since I will almost always make a copy of a project
from my books, to save wear and tear while I am working on them.
The CD ebook version is the better way to buy books.  No trees
are cut down and they take up much less storage space!

Love to all,

A sample of the book can be found here:

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Greetings

Does this egg make me look fat?

Wishing you a

Taking a break and resting my fingers!
See you the 16th!

Love to all,
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