Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pincushions and Thread Catchers

A girl can't have too many pincushions,
especially when she stitches all over the house.
I have been having so much fun finding items
to repurpose into pincushions.

The pincushions have been created using
 100% wool.  At a recent fiber festival
I bought wool fleece to use as stuffing.
The fleece has a good deal of lanolin still
in it so the needles glide right in.
To cover the the fleece, I have used repurposed
wool sweaters and wool felt.
This pincushion was once a sugar bowl. 
The lid long gone, but that's okay I don't
need it.  Created for a special project,
project.  Luzine had sent me 3 needles.
Each needle was intended to be used with a
certain thread and stitch.  I knew, if I did
not find a way to keep those needles seperated,
I would not be able to tell them apart. I have a
small removable label by each of the needles.

This one was really fun to make!
It began as a toothbrush holder. A quick spray
with white spray paint covered the brass metalwork.
The loops on the outside are perfect for scissors,
thimbles, my magnifying glasses and other tools.
The covering wool felt had a dip in a Rit dyebath,
as did the marble base giving it a sutble pink cast.
I think this one is my favorite and most fun to make.

A toothpick holder along with a vintage
earring were used here.  The covering is
a felted sweater with a bit of needled felted
fleece to add some color.

Along with a pincusion you need a thread catcher.
I will often put my thread ends on the arm of my
chair, of course they end up on the floor.
My friend Sherry did a post on some thread
catchers she has been creating.
After I left her a comment
on how cute they were,
she sent me one!
Not only useful for thread tails but the perfect size
to hold a spool of thread.  Spools of thread often want
to roll away, but no more chasing and trying to get them
before the dog.  I love the label Sherry added.
Sherry has left me a comment before that something was
I love that word!
 When they add it to the dictionary, I hope
Sherry gets credit for inventing it!
Notice the safety pin fabric and the
little red safety pin Sherry painted.
Sherry has a link for the pattern on her
post. It is based on 1 triangle!
Thank you, Sherry.

I found this site through a maze of blogs.
Do you ever do that, click on a link to
another blog....and 5 minutes later you
are wondering how did I get here.
I found a wool bowl on this site
that is based on a square.  I could not
click on a photo to show you but go
and see for yourself.
The bowl is shown holding different items
so I thought it may make a good
thread catcher.  I can not read a word
on the tutorial...thank goodness the
photos are easy to follow.
The tutorial shows a 28 cm square of
wool felt as the base.  There are diagrams
that show how to remove the corners.
I wanted to make the pot my own so
my square is smaller but the corners
are cut the same as the tutorial.
My base was once a wool skirt
and my sides are needle felted instead
of being stitched.
After needle felting the sides in position,
I then wet felted the piece to further secure
the sides.  After shaping it over a juice glass
I left it to dry.  Further embellishing was completed
with running stitches and DMC floss and small
seed beeds.  It matches the aqua/blue pincushion
with the vintage earring.

Another good blogging friend Mary Anne
made this cute pincushion and thread catcher
combined!  She is always 2 steps ahead of me.
In her post  she gives a link to the tutorial.

Very cute MA!  Love the fabric!

Last but not least is this little goodie from
DeeDee.  DeeDee sent me this as a challenge
to see what I could make from it....I am thinking
of burning out the center and ...... thought
I would embroider something on it that would be too expected!
Brutaly hot outside here for the next
few days.  They have even closed
Churchill Downs Race Track!
Too hot for the horses and barn
Stay cool!

Love to all,

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flea Market Find

Perhaps you noticed my new header.
I found the brass birds and nest piece
at the Flea Market this morning.
As soon as I saw it I knew exactly
what it would become.

Don't you love it when you see
the very thing your muse was looking for!

Love to all,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Schwalm Whitework

Schwalm Whitework continues
with the blanket stitch.

This is a look at my beginning
Coral Knot Stitches.
Irregular and unevenly spaced.

This photo shows a bit of
my last Coral Knot Stitches.
Much more even with
better spacing.

I am so enjoying this project
and even the backside looks good!
On with the stitching!

Luzine Happel's website where
you can find
her beautiful examples of
Schwalm Whitework.

Love to all,
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