Monday, October 1, 2012

The Thief

This post is about a thief. 
 No, the word thief
 is not strong enough to adequately
describe the devastation and sorrow it
brings.  But, thief is the only word I can
think of to use. 
Silently entering our lives and turning
everything upside down.  Stealing away
friends, mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins
and men are not out of it's grasp.
I feel certain this thief has visited someone
you know....maybe even yourself.  I know
of 2 friends I would still have today if not
for this thief.
The thief.....Breast Cancer.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

My friend Vicki wants to draw attention
to Breast Cancer and the hope for a cure.
What will Vicki be doing?  Knitting a nest!
Vicki's nests have benefited everything
from shorebirds to a Children's Hospital.
When Vicki creates her nests she allows
some friends to join in the fun.  She asked
me to create some leaves to adorn the nest.
So, I made up a sample
and since then I have been adding
to the pile!  Don't you love Fall
and all the colorful leaves!
Please visit Vicki, too see
her nests and other
things she has in the
works for the coming year.
Love to all,
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