Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Birds and B's

The birds and b's as in 
blog headers.
I change my blog header
so infrequently, that it
becomes a challenge
to remember how to do it.
The first step is easy to
remember... take the photo.
Then add the text,
(your blog name).
Since I have a Canon camera
there is a program called
ZoomBrowser EX which
allows you to add text to 
a photo.  Otherwise, you 
will have to open the photo
in Paint and add text there.

Complete the process by
uploading the photo to your
blog layout. 
Here are a few more photos 
of my bird nest.

 I used a "Satin Glass"
candleholder for the base.
I believe it was made by
Fenton Glass.
 These photos will
give you an idea of the
The opening where 
the bird is sitting
is 2" in diameter.
 Nest was crocheted
while holding 
several yarns
together to
give a nice blend
of color.
Perfect for
a Spring day!

 I hope you enjoyed 
seeing me make a new
blog header!

Love to all,

Friday, March 29, 2013

A "Vera" Beautiful Giveaway

One of my best bloggin' buddies
is having a giveaway!  Not an
ordinary giveaway, but a "Vera"
Grateful giveaway, as she calls

 I call it a "Vera" Beautiful
giveaway, as Vicki has one of the
sweetest, most beautiful hearts
 that I know.  If you follow
her blog you know what a giving
person she is and her giving
inspires us to be giving as well.
 Please take a moment to visit 
her blog and while you are there
check out her "Pink Scarf" project.
It is just one of those ways Vicki
inspires us to be giving.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

Google Reader will soon be gone...
My first thought was one of panic,
how would I keep up with my friends?

Shirley C gave me the answer,
Suz blogged she was doing the

The more I think about it...
this may be a very good thing.
I had so many blogs in my 
Google Reader, that I really
never read.  Some I had 
"followed" only for a giveaway
they were having.  Now maybe 
the perfect time to organize the
blogs I follow.

Love to all,

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