Sunday, June 23, 2013

Introducing My "Gathering Poke"

Coming up with a name is always
fun....I remember naming my blog.
Mosaic-means many different things.
and Magpie is a gatherer....
A gatherer of many things
I have always loved to sew
and one of my favorite things
to make is bags.
I have designed many a bag/purse
in the past and this is my latest.

First it needs a name......
I did a thesaurus search  of "purse"
and there was the perfect synonym,
So, without further delay,
I present my
"Gathering Poke".

The poke is fully lined with
4 large pockets and a roomy
11" x 11" x 3" size.
 Perfect for your needlework 
project or returning books
 to the library.

My "Gathering Poke" can
be found in my Etsy Shop!

Love to all,


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Knitting Books!

 Now listed in my Etsy Shop!
 Cute Chanel Inspired Jacket Pattern
 Fun Book
 A page in the "Klutz" Knitting book.
Great to teach a teen to knit.
 I have that is great
really stays in place.
 Sweet toddler sweater in the Interweave Magazine.
Love these felted bags!
You can make 1 or 2 with the
pattern....find it in my Etsy Shop!

Love to all,

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Great Destash Has Begun

My kitchen table is loaded with goodies.
Things I thought I needed, couldn't live 
without, had to know how
it goes.
I am listing these goodies in my 
I  have loaded a medium size
flat rate USPS shipping box
with the following:
 A very old photo album
I love those gold tone 
 Side showing evidence of age and wear.
 Interior Pages
 Some written on.

 Some clean, all thick pages.
15 pages.
Would be suitable for many 
things including ornaments
or book covers.

 The sweetest Dance Card with
a tiny pencil attached.
 Group shot
 Cardboard fan with horse and lass.
 Some old booklet type cookbooks.
 Dated 1916
and 1918

 Ledger Book with paper....neat size.

 Old Childcraft with poems and songs.
 A few pages from the inside.

 Miscellaneous Paper...

 Oil Painting How To
 And a sweet paper image.
I have also added more miscellaneous goodies 
to fill the box full.
If you are interested the box is in my
The cost $30.00 and that includes the

More to come!
Knitting Books,
Stampington Magazines,
Quilting Books,

Love to all,
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