Saturday, January 19, 2013


Do you have one thing that
you love to do?  No other craft
calls your name, but that one?
If you do, I envy you....I envy
the free space you must have
in your home.  I like to do 
so many different things, 
sometimes all the stuff gets 
a little over whelming.
In an attempt to use what
I have and declutter my
life, I repurposed a few things.
 I made some fun pincushions
the first from a small vase.

 The next from a votive holder.
 And this one from a doll head.

 I love his sassy turned head!
 All three bring a smile to my face.

 Next I made some elegant pincushions.
This one is made using a vintage
German cup.  Yes, it is chipped but
the cup is so beautiful, I don't mind
that sign of age and use.  The "strawberry"
on the side is filled with emery.
Next, is another German cup.
 Oh, this cup is absolutely gorgeous!
I had to find just the right fabric
and this soft pink moire taffeta is
 Again the "strawberry" is filled
with emery to sharpen your needles.
Next is a sugar bowl that had lost
it's lid.  But, when you have a
burgundy velvet hat...who needs
a lid?
 Here are my 3 elegant pincushions.
I will be adding the pincushions to my etsy shop.

,All the pincushions have wool used as stuffing.
When you have a pincushion stuffed with wool
the pins slide right in and are oiled, so to speak
from the lanolin in the wool. 
The wool came from a new friend I met at the
fiber festival last spring.
In her booth she had wool balls that she
had made using the wool from her sheep.
Please visit her blog and read about
this sweet little orphan lamb she is 
raising.  Maisie....that little lamb
has stolen my heart!

 I made a special visit to her farm
one day last fall and took some photos
of her sheep.
I was surprised at how large they were:

And the best part....they love cookies!
If you are here visiting from 
Vicki's blog,
  I will be giving away
this pincushion redo.
Found at a tag sale
the existing pin cushion 
needed to be removed.
Out with the old,
in with the new
and improved.

Green velvet covers
the wool.   If you
would like to win
my pin cushion redo, 
please leave 
a comment below.
I will be drawing
a winner  on
February 1st!
Good Luck!  

Love to all,

P.S. Vicki
is hosting a blog party
with a long list of bloggers
I know you will want to visit.
Lots of them will be having
giveaways too!!!  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

When A Friend Turns 60

I have a friend that is reaching a milestone
year in her life.  She is will be 60 years young.
I can remember when I was in grade school
thinking people in their 50's and 60's as being 
ancient! Funny how our thoughts on age change.
I wanted to make a special gift, after all when
you are 60 what do you really need?  
So, I put my creative crafting hat on and
went to work.
A necklace came to mind, but not just
any necklace a special necklace to 
celebrate a special birthday.
 I have a few older pennies and was lucky 
to find one from 1953.  I also had a coin 
holder to put it in.  I had found the coin 
holder last summer at a flea market.  There
were 4 pennies from random years on 
a bracelet. I knew one day the coins or
holders would come in handy.
I added the bird charm and a small
deep red crystal.  Garnet is the birthstone
for January.
Necklace a little something
A crazy quilted pouch.  I had thought it
could be used for her cell phone, credit cards,
or a tissue holder.  Here is the back.
 All the seams have been stitched with a 
feather stitch on my sewing machine.
The initial on the front, I  stitched
by hand.  So, here it is a special
gift for the birthday girl!
Happy Birthday Pat!

Love to all,

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Pink Scarf and More Leaves

 If you are visiting from Vicki's blog

Blogging is a wonderful thing,
one of the benefits is the
friendships you make.
I remember one of my first
visits to Vicki's blog......
those beautiful nests
she creates, caught my eye.
I love birds and birdnests,
so it was natural for me to 
often return, to see what
Vicki had been up to.

 As I visited, I left comments
and soon our friendship 
Vicki offered me the 
opportunity to create 
some mini crazy quilts
for a nest she was creating
to benefit a children's 
hospital wing.
I was honored to
help out.
 Vicki is now working on
a nest to benefit
breast cancer research.
She again asked a 
few friends to join 
in on the fun.
I am creating
leaves that will
be worked into the
nest's design.
 There is also a way
for you to become 
Vicki has a 
where you have
the opportunity
to send a pink
scarf that will 
serve as a gift of
love to someone
battling breast cancer.
 Above are a few of the 
leaves I have created
for Vicki, around
60 so far!
 I think of those that
will be touched by the
scarves and the nests
as I stitch.
 Maybe, somehow those thoughts
will give someone else
the courage
the strength
to face another day.
May the scarves
 serve as a reminder
to each recipient,
we are praying for them
they are loved.
Love to all,
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