Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It Started With A Phone Call

Yes,  that is how the story begins,
a phone call.....
not just any phone call,
 it was a call from Vicki.
A new nest was stirring around
in that pretty head of hers.
Would I like to participate?
Of course, I would!

Vicki explained who would
benefit from the nests.

The charitable donations from these nests
will be given to our brand new
Pediatric Addiction recovery center 
here in
Huntington, West Va. 

Lily's Place will be the new home of a regional and national leader in the care of babies suffering from Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, or drug addiction. 

Vicki explained
what she would like
me to create
to add to her nests.
A tiny hyacinth flower
on a strip of muslin fabric.

I wanted the flowers 
to be special so,
a special thread was
Lorraine   immediately
came to mind.  She creates
the most beautiful hand dyed
Lorraine listened to
what I needed and 
came up with these
richly dyed combinations,
    the colors just scream

The threads were ordered
and the fabric prepared.
Lots of strips torn,
  materials gathered,
now the embroidery
could begin.
 Backstitch for the stems,
 lazy daisy stitches
  for the leaves
and french knots
using Lorraine's thread
for the flowers.  
Each flower special,
 unique, one of a kind.
 Each flower prayerfully
stitched, while thinking
not only of those sweet
babies, but the families
Lily's Place will touch. 
  As I tore the strips
of muslin, the loosely
woven fabric kept
wanting to unravel...
I thought of those 
mothers who
have a drug addiction.
Their life unraveling,
as they are about
to experience one of
God's greatest gifts.
A baby!
Lily's Place will
offer those mother's 
a place to heal and
offer support as they
overcome their 
Vicki , girlfriend
you pick up that phone
anytime and just
ask.  I am honored
to be a small part,
in your great works
of the heart.

Love to all,
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