Thursday, March 27, 2014

Goodies In The Mail!

Vicki sent me the most beautiful hat!
  I told her it is "One Hell Of A Hat", loaded with sparkly sequins and it is heavy!
  We decided a trip to the North Pole would be cozy in this hat.  We are finally getting some warm weather here in Kentucky, but Vicki wished me a cold day (on my side of the state) to get a chance to wear it! 
 I did not think I would wish for anymore cold weather, but I would love to wear my new hat!
Thank You Vicki!
Vicki will knit you one as is a link
to her Etsy shop.  

Maire sent me a sweet surprise too!
A beautiful card, charm and lace!

Notice the tiny scissors!!! I think I will attach this charm to my
embroidery scissors.
The lace will be used for a Wee Care Gown.
I love the page from the book, written in German.
I have a German prayer book that belonged to my grandmother.
This page will allow me to create something, to remind me of that
Thank You Marie!
Shane had a giveaway on her blog during Vicki's recent
 "Grow Your Blog" party and I won!!!
Such a beautiful piece!
Shane also sent me lots of lace and the sweetest ribbons.
There is a piece of blue edged ribbon there that will be 
perfect for a boy's Wee Care gown.
A Paris tag and wrapping paper too!
I have it hanging in my sunroom where I can see it every day!
Thank You Shane!
Since Rufus had his photo taken
with me modeling my new hat,
Sophie wanted her photo taken 
90 lbs of love and thinks she
is a lap dog too!
Love to all,

Friday, March 7, 2014

"Above All The Other Voices, She Listened To Her Heart"

I mentioned in my last post, I had
visited with a local funeral home 
about donating Wee Care Gowns.
The visit, as I said was a learning
experience.  What I did not say 
was the funeral home was
a little indifferent to my idea of
donating  gowns to them. They 
glanced at the gowns and began
telling why they were not needed. Let's 
face it, they are a business.  Businesses
need to make money, not giveaway things
they can charge for.

After I left the funeral home, with my 3
example gowns in hand, I was down.
Lower than a snake's belly, down.
Thoughts began to run through my mind.
You know the thoughts....are they not good
enough, why am I doing this, should I be 
doing this?.....on and on.

I came home and later in the evening got 
on "Pinterest".....there was a "pin" that
spoke straight to my heart.
A spoon necklace with these words 
stamped onto it.

"Above all the other voices, she listened to her heart".

I immediately felt a shift in my thoughts,
not everyone has to approve of what I do.
I make those little dresses, because of
the "Golden Rule". 

"Do Unto Others, As You Would Have Them, Do Unto You."

If I had just lost a child and my heart was
shattered into a thousand pieces....I would want to know someone cared.

"Above all the other voices, she listened to her heart".

The next day I took those 3 gowns to a local hospital
and met with the volunteer coordinator.  When she
saw the gowns, she had tears in her eyes.  She said,
  "No one has ever donated such beautiful things".
A few days later, a note arrived from the nurses,
thanking me for the gowns.

Above all the other voices, listen to YOUR heart.

Love to all,

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