Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wedding Bottle, Puppy and Dyeing

Wedding bells are ringing once again, time for me to create a Wedding Bottle:
The existing bottle top is covered with copper foil and then solder is applied.  Patina completes the aged appearance.  Ribbons, cords and threads are wrapped and tied with the wedding colors in mind.

 The photo is placed inside the bottle by gently rolling it into a tube that will fit the opening.  Chopsticks are used to unroll the photo once it is inside the bottle. Sand, seashells and the tiniest bit of glitter were added, as a trip to the beach will be the honeymoon plans.
"And they called it Puppy Love"......
 This little fellow came to steal our hearts.
 He was one of those "free" puppies....there is no such thing as a free puppy.
He is 6 weeks old.
 Sweet a quiet one minute and ready to play the next.
Look at those needle teeth!!!  My hands look like I have been working with barbed wire.
 Exploring the sidewalk.
 Posing after digging in the sand that was left over from the recent stone work.
 Can't you see why I am head over heels?
 His mother a German Shepherd....the father, they think was a Boxer, but I am thinking a Lab, 
 What do you think?
Smocking and Dyeing

 I have wanted to try using a variegated thread to make the Wee Care Gowns suitable for a boy or girl.  
 The DMC threads I have tried all have a color change that is too long.  My friend Lorraine did a post on some threads she had dyed using short spacing. After some advice from Lorraine I decided to try dyeing my own thread.
 I used DMC 6 strand embroidery floss and Rit dye. Lorraine suggested another brand of dye, but Rit was easy to find and I am familiar with using Rit.
 My first attempt....the colors were way too strong but the spacing is good.
On the next skein I used a diluted color and the results were great.
This may become my Signature Wee Care color!

Love to all,

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Leaving the Nest

Lot's going on around here,

baby birds leaving the nest. 

 waiting for momma,
 here she is, never too far away
 a bit of nourishment,
 a pep talk on flying
 a kiss for luck
 just remember, I am close by
 always watching and wanting the best for you.
 You made it to the yard! Now lets try for that big tree!

Wee Care Gowns

 5 other gowns were sent to the shop where I learned to smock,
they are trying to get 100 gowns.
Stone Work Complete
 but the yard is a mess
 longer windows added, new shutters on the way.
 Rufus waiting for more workmen  to arrive.

Love to all,
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