Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Lonely Dragonfly Finds A Friend...A Tutorial

I preface this post with the fact,
I am taking an online Beginning
Crazy Quilting class from Kathy Shaw
shawkl .  The classroom is a private
blog, so I am sharing my post
from the class blog here with you.

Kathy suggested a couple of you may want
to know how I created the dragonfly on my 
There once was a lonely dragonfly
stitched to the corner of a crazy
quilt block.  The dragonfly had
a purpose, he was to spread his
wings and create some interest
in an otherwise quiet corner
of the block.  
The dragonfly was proud to be the
first creature to grace the block,
but he was lonely.
So, the stitcher began to create
a friend.
Using 4mm silk ribbon a loop
was formed much like the beginning
of a lazy daisy stitch.
A tiny stitch using 1 strand
of embroidery floss helped to 
form the shape of the first 
Another wing was added
in the same way.
The tail was formed with a
stem stitch.  The same stitch
we used on our vine.

A bullion stitch forms the body.  
The bullion may be new to some
of you it looks difficult to
stitch, but really it is quite
fun.  The best hint I read 
about stitching a bullion
was to stroke it as you are
settling it into place. 
Straight stitches were added
for the antenna. 
French knots were placed
at the end of the straight stitch.

The dragonfly was lonely no more
he had a friend to help with his
task of adding interest to their
corner of the block. 
I hope this was helpful!

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