Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tattered Shirt to Apron

DH had thrown it in the trash, an oxford cloth shirt with the buttons still on it!  As I was cutting the buttons off I kept thinking how soft the cloth had become from years of washing and ironing.  My creative gears began to turn and the idea of an apron came to me. 
The back of the shirt became the front panel of the apron and the cuffs now are large pockets.
The front pocket of the shirt, I added to the center front of the apron.  
The opposite front side of the shirt is now a pocket that extends along the bottom of the apron.  The button band is the neck strap.
Most of the shirt was used in creating the apron, I liked it so much I wore it all day long!
Wee Care Update:
 Size Tiny suitable for 1 pound.
Several in the works these two complete.

Trapper continues to grow!  He weighed 6.2 pounds when we got him.  6 weeks later he has gained 20 pounds!  The vet says he will be a BIG boy!


I have been taking a correspondence course through SAGA, beginning smocking.  The first part of the course was a sampler of the different smocking stitches.  At different points the sampler was returned to the teacher for critique.  Each time the good, the bad and the ugly was pointed out to me.  LOL there was no mention of ugly, but those stitches that were not up to par were pointed out along with ideas on how to improve.  The stitches that were done well were also pointed out and gave me an example on how the stitch should look.  The critique was detailed and very helpful.  If you are wanting to learn to smock, I highly recommend the class.  
I have progressed to the final project a bishop dress.  Here the fabric has been pleated and I have stitched the cable, stem and outline stitches.

Summer is speeding right along, between the dogs, yard, stitching and housework it seems as though each day goes a little faster.  

Love to all,
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