Sunday, February 22, 2015

Doll Making

  Learning something new, takes practice.  A bookbinding teacher once told me you have to create 10 books before your eyes see all the details, your hands feel the touch and your mind learns the process.  Somehow knowing this takes the pressure off learning a new create without expecting perfection and you create with the wonder of what each will teach you.  You can experiment with fabrics and patterns, while developing your own style. 

So begins my new adventure...doll making, Waldorf inspired dolls.  These dolls are simple in design made with cotton interlock knit and stuffed with wool.  The facial features are intentionally simple to allow the child to strengthen their imagination and creativity. 
My first doll was inspired by Pinterest pins and one of the many videos on youtube.  After drawing a pattern and collecting the needed materials I set to work.
Basically star shaped with tapered arms and legs making him easy to hold would be good for a baby.
I did not name him but I love him.

Next came Lou Lou, I think she looks like the cartoon character Little Lou Lou.  Her body was created using a cashmere sweater, so she is ever so nice to hug.   
My daughter had an imaginary friend named Bellina when she was young...Bellina Ballerina was my next creation.  Her body is quilting cotton and she has a tutu, a must for every ballerina!  The lesson learned here was adding yarn hair.

Those were the first 3.

My dh is a member of the local Rotary Club.  Every spring they have an auction to raise funds for student scholarships.  Last year I made a smocked dress to donate.  This year it is a doll, I will be donating....Doll #4, sounds a bit like Agent 99 from the tv show "Get Smart", so she needs a name.

We had a dear older neighbor, he always called my youngest daughter Sweet Sweet Pea it is.
A name for a young lady that is about to make her way out into the world.  The world looks cold and snowy from the window and she loves to snuggle with her baby doll under fuzzy blankets.
I have created a soft carrier/bed so all her favorite things can be kept together.
Of course she will need pajamas and a cuddly bear when she sleeps.
She has some fuzzy mohair slippers in shades of pink that match the buttons on her pajamas.  I will need to include a note about the choking hazard those buttons can pose.  Her new friend/owner will need to be over the age of 3.
A new friend, a playmate, someone to share secrets with.
Someone to love.
Sweet Pea

Love to all,

Friday, February 13, 2015

Grow Your Blog Party Giveaway Winner...Winners!

Preface to post....drawing was held 2 days early due to an unexpected circumstance!

It is time for one of these ladies to leave for her new home...

The winning comment:
 Lavender...for my dear sister.

As I went to package Miss Lavender for her journey,
 the other 2 girls raised a fuss!  They are tired of seeing me
work on numerous other projects and not give them any attention. 

So, they will be off on adventures of their own!

The blue lady would look lovely among my own handmade porcelain pieces! 

 I love Pink

If the winners would please email me their addresses I will send these ladies on their way!

If you are wondering what to do with half dolls...Maureen has a tutorial and patterns on her blog for lovely pincushions.

Now, that the girls are gone....I miss them 
 and need to make more!

Love to all,

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