Tuesday, March 31, 2015

On Their Way

The time had come....yes, they were ready.

They had a job to do...not like a superhero,
but a pretty heroic thing to do.  They would
travel to lands unknown.
Their hearts were large and they longed for
a friend.  Each dreaming of sharing secrets 
with someone who cared.  Finding a home
filled with love and compassion.

 Where meals were prepared and yummy scents filled the air.
Hugs would be plentiful and frequent. 

 What fun to lie in the grass and watch the clouds, while feeling
the warm sun on your face.

  To play games, climb trees,

fill your pockets with rocks, feathers and other treasures.

Yes, a home....a loving home...with a friend.

The time had come, they were ready to find a foster
child they would love. 

These dolls will be sent to the Soft Toy Drive to Benefit Children in Foster Care

 Two  of the dolls will also be entered in the Spectacular Softies Contest

Love to all,

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Process

Everything we do, involves a process, a list of steps, an orderly way to progress. Doll making like everything else has it's own routine.  

When I began this journey, I really did not have a certain doll in mind, my dream doll. I was focused more on the steps involved... that continues to be my focus.

 I began by pinning to a pinterest board "Waldorf Dolls"....the more photos pinned, the more I realized they were "Waldorf Inspired Dolls" even naming a pinterest board is a process.
 Then came the notebook:

I wish I had used a beautiful journal to fill with ideas, but on that day I grabbed a composition book and began to take notes. There are many videos to watch online, so I watched them...many times. Pausing the video to jot down an idea or note a tool being used. Obsessed is a fitting descriptive word.

In reflection a new hobby, was always learned for a goal or finished product...needlepoint from wanting to make a needlepoint belt, learning 
to crochet meant a Granny Square afghan, an admired stained glass window had me purchasing glass and soldering equipment. 

 In each of those examples, I was focused on the final project. I did learn to needlepoint, crochet and to cut glass with ease.
But, I really did not focus on the process of learning each
new skill.

Jillayne mentioned a James Clear quote in a recent blog post:
"it's not the things we learn nor the dreams we envision that determine our results, but rather the habits we practice each day".

That quote brings to mind the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team and their Coach John Calipari...the team has been top rated since the beginning of the season. Lots of talk about being undefeated, being the champions....and all along Coach Cal has said their focus is on practice and being better...each being the best player they can be.

After Jillayne mentioned James Clear, I signed up for his newsletter.  In yesterday's newsletter he makes the statement:

"it's not the things we learn nor the dreams we envision that determine our results, but rather the habits we practice each day".

From this statement, I am taking this thought.....practice, enjoy the process of learning, strive to be a bit better.  Do things a little different each day, learn from your mistakes and be happy for the experience.

Love to all,


 GO CATS!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Make A Softie!

Have you seen what is going on over at
a contest with fabulous prizes! 

My recent obsession with doll making, 
finds me very interested in their 
"Six Weeks Of LOVE For Softies"!
A Soft Toy Drive to benefit children in 
foster care with The National Foster Parent Association. 
You know I have a soft spot for worthwhile
projects .  What better than creating a 
softie for a sweet child to hug...something
to hold on to while transitioning into a 
foster home,
The contest is open for softies created between
2/23/2015 and 4/5/2015.  Today I will begin
designing and creating my own original softie!
Check out the Sew Mama Sew site for full details.

Love to all,
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